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  1. @Jayne  I LOVE the skywatching community.  I can't wait for the day where I'm knowledgable enough to pay it forward and help a newbie.  Once I have more $ to spend on the hobby and I can have some more gadgets to give advice on, I'll be prancing through these forums spreading seeds of knowledge lol.  Thanks for your help.

    @Derek  I see the screws you're talking about.  After looking at the contraption, I think I'm going to leave my mount in one piece and probably invest in another tripod/mount for my solar telescope so that I don't have to take the mount apart and put it back together when switching from daytime to nighttime viewing.

    That said, I'm now shopping for new mounts that I can clip my new dovetail into lolol

    Thanks again fam


  2. @Jayne the videos were very helpful, but sadly they make it look like my mount may not be suited for any telescope other than the one it came with.

    @derek the black knob, when loosened, only allows for rotation of the telescope (you can see the dial just under the knob, it rotates around that axis).
    It appears as though this mount is not designed to allow for other telescopes to be attached to it.

    Again, thanks everyone for your help.  I might need to buy another mount for my new LS50THa.  I'm going to post one more round of pictures to see if anyone has any other advice before I purchase a new mount tho.

    Thank you,  James




  3. @jayne I DEFINITELY ordered the zoom eyepiece! I bought it along with the 4inch dovetail they said I needed to attach it to the mount I own.

    So I've received the dovetail but I'm lost.  Requesting help again.
    1. Which side of the dovetail goes towards the telescope? (edit: I'm fairly sure it's the smooth side)
    2. How does it attach to the mount I own?
    3. What size screws do I need to attach the dovetail to the telescope? (edit: 1/4in wide, figured that out)
    4. Do I need to take anything off of the mount before I attach the telescope w/dovetail or does it just slip into some sort of slot?

    Thanks!  Jim20160809_184006.jpg20160809_184029.jpg

  4. Hello all,

    I was recently gifted an LH50THa solar telescope from a friend.  It didn't come with a manual and I'm unsure if I'm missing pieces.  I have experience with night time telescopes, as you can see I included a photo of my Orion 130St Reflector that came with an equatorial mount.  I contacted Lunt (who were VERY helpful) who suggested purchasing a dovetail to use to mount my solar telescope to my nighttime telescope's mount.

    I felt bad pestering them with further questions, and I'm sure there are several ways to do what I'm asking, so that's why I joined this discussion forum.  My question is, once I purchase this dovetail accessory (if someone could suggest specifically WHICH dovetail I need, that would be super helpful) how do I attach it to my equatorial mount?  Which pieces do I dissassemble and then how do I reassemble it for solar viewing?  Links to a site where I can purchase this dovetail accessory would be greatly appreciated.

    Question 2: It comes with a 20mm eyepiece.  Would a different eyepiece help me get better views of the sun?  Since it was a gift I'd be more than happy to splurge on some extra goodies.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks!




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