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  1. Jupiter Mak 127 Powermate 2,5x Baader Moon & Skyglow EQ5
  2. Vallis Rheita. Second largest Valley on Moon. 445km long. Skywatcher Mak127 Powermate 2,5x.
  3. Telescope SW Mak127 Powermate 2,5x ASI224MC IR Filter Mini Dob base SW Virtuoso. http://www.astrobin.com/full/293306/B/?nc=Brennerad&real=&mod=
  4. Meade LX70-R8" ASI224MC Powermate 2,5x Baader Green Filter
  5. Meade LX70R-8" Powermate 2,5x Baader Green Filter ASI224MC
  6. Meade LX70-R8" Powermate 2,5x Baader Green Filter
  7. Meade LX70-R8" ASI224MC Powermate 2,5x Baader Green Filter
  8. Meade LX70-R8" ASI224MC Powermate 2,5x Filtro Baader GreenMoon_234242_REG_FF_BMP.bmp
  9. Brenner


    290 frames processed out of 330. 80 Dark frames.
  10. Meade LX70R-8" QHY5L-II-M POWERMATE 2,5x
  11. PETAVIUS RIMAE Note how the Rima on Petavius spreads left and right into two separate channels. Meade LX70-R8" QHY5L-II-M POWERMATE 2,5x
  12. Solar Eclipse of 27 FEB 2017 in São Paulo, BrasilMosaic of 5 images.
  13. Clavius crater, captured with an 8"(200mm) Newtonian Reflector, powered by a Powermate 5Xand Baader Green 500nm Bandpass.Seeing 3/5Trasparencia 6/10
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