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  1. A Merry Christmas to all of you at FLO aswell and thanks for all your friendly advise, I shall be back in touch in January to order my HEQ5 Pro too, lets just hope we get more clear skies in Jan than we had this month otherwise it could be the most expensive and largest paperweight I've ever had the pleasure of owning ;-)
  2. I'd like to second that and also wish everyone Very Merry Christmas and a Clear and Happy New Year!!
  3. Whilst I get impatient and debate swapping from my EQ3-2 Skywatcher 150P for a HEQ5 and a 200P much the same as you Phoenix, this bug is prooving too costly isn't it no turkey this xmas!!! I don't dare work out what I'v spent so far......anyway to the point had a play in photoshop kinda practicing for when i have my own images. What do you think?
  4. Hey peeps, whilst I'm waiting and itching to get my hands on my EQ5 mount and motors at christmas so that i can put my new 1000D into use I took a little pic with a 30 sec exposure out of the girfriends bedroom window, it's so much better than my cheap old digital camera that could hardly even capture Sirius or even the moon. Roll on Christmas, this hobby is addictive I so want to upgrade to a 200p already, hehe. I'm close to doing it so we can have a telescope each, me and the girlfriend, plus then we can image on one and stargaze on the other.
  5. Hope to make it come April with the girlfriend for a few nights! hopefully I'll be a little less of a Newbie by then too.
  6. I'm so jealous! this monitor screen really doesn't do it for me, glad you had a good night, I just know the cloud will hit as soon as I get home. I really didn't have the faintest idea just how frustrated and enraged I'd get with the clouds a few shorts weeks ago when I made my purchase, evil white puffs of blinding doom!
  7. I'm stuck at work too.............:-(, but towards the end of next week a clearer spell is expected, fingers crossed, I've had my scope almost 3 weeks and have had 1 clear night................:-( Hoping I might get lucky at midnight when i finish, but I don't hold out much hope as the cloud is on it's way, who would of thought that! Cloud........
  8. Camera arrived today, what settings do people use most for AP?
  9. I've taken the first step and have purchased a refurbed 1000D off ebay from the Canon Outlet for £266.00 which I'm quite pleased with although it has the older non IS model lens but then I won't be using it's lens often at all. Intend to buy the MaxDSLR adapter 2 " SW LP filter (thanks jgs001 for that suggestion) and a remote timer shutter release. But no motors for my EQ 2-3 as I will get an EQ5 + motors once I have the funds after xmas, best buy xmas pressies for family first (darn), at least it will give me chance to learn the camera and enjoy observing a little more no need to rush in I've only had the scope a week believe it or not! Plus its all CLOUD CLOUD CLOUD anyway here.
  10. Thanks for the advise so far folks. Phoenix, is your Canon modded then? I'm certainly looking into getting the EQ5, if I can get a 1000d body on the cheaper side I may be able to squeeze it in pre xmas, I'm aware i need the motors thats what mum can get me, lol, good ol mum bless her. :-) Will probably get one of those cables for shutter release that you can also program due to lack of a laptop, just wish all this cloud would go away now! I look forward to your photos! :-)
  11. Cheers that makes me feel a bit better :-) another point does modding the IR filter make a big difference? Primarily I'd be using it for AP but would that limit it's daytime usage? Also I keep reading that the eq3-2 is pants for AP so I imagine I'd need at least an eq5 too? maybe after xmas tho :-P
  12. Hey all, I recently bought a SW Explorer 150p and just got my xmas bonus which was unexpected so instead of doing the sensible thing and saving it I'm now contemplating getting a Canon 1000D DSLR if you didnt already guess. But I'm unsure how well these 2 pair up, I'm not too fussed about solar system imaging as I've done that a focal with a mobile phone with some success which shocked me frankly. I'd like to picture some nice galaxies and nebula (orions, horsehead etc) swirly gas and dust trails and pretty colours that'll impress the girlfriend. Would Prime focus work? or would I really need a camera lens other than the stock lens 18-55mm? Any pointers will help greatly, I've been a long time user of photoshop so would love to get the chance to try my hand at this! Cheers
  13. That's real nice Martin, tried again on a samsung L100 cheapo digi camera last night the results were dissapointing, did have an LG Renoir mobile but it's faulty that would of been a good one to use as it's similar to yours........ But we did get our first look at Jupiter and it's moons aswell as Orions Nebula but viewing conditions weren't best lots of thin hazy cloud.
  14. Thanks everyone, glad to be here :-)
  15. Thanks for the comments. Hi Martin, I just held it to the eyepiece was a [removed word] to line up the shot with the mobile! Used a super 10mm included with the 150p and a meade moon filter. Jonny
  16. Hey all after some of your knowledge and wisdom again! First off thanks for your advise on my first telescope 3 hrs viewing last night and it was amazing! But my question is -I have a super 10mm -Super 25 Wide angle (which I've only really used for setting up the spotter scope) 2x Barlow After looking at what others use what I'm thinking of getting next are some Plossl's, was wondering if these are worth a buy I'm not looking to spend too much yet on a single eyepiece as I'm not sure which I'd use most. The ones im looking at are the Skywatcher SP Plossl 17mm, 26mm and 32mm? Also would a 3x Barlow be a worthwhile buy for deep sky, planets and star splitting or is my focal length too low for such magnification? If so perhaps a better quality 2x Barlow than the one included with the 150p would be a good buy? Sorry for all the questions.
  17. Hi all, just though I'd share this with you, we had the first go on our new Skywatcher 150p and had a play with the girlfriends Sony Ericsson, I was pleasantly surprised by the detail it managed to capture on its low pixel poor mans lens, next time I'll try with a x2barlow and my Samsung L100, which is still a rubbish camera no DSLR I'm afraid a lottery win this weekend would be nice. Apologies if you've seen it in my post under the Beginners forum already.
  18. We used it last night to give it a test run on the moon, LOL. I don't think we are going to wrapped it up for Christmas we spent a good while out last night till gone midnight mainly just being wowed by the detail we could make out on the moon and that was before we used the 2xbarlow. The Polar Alighment was easy, set up didn't take too long at all, next time we'll set up with a little daylight as setting up the spotter was a bit tricky to get bang on target. I've not got a free night til next week now tho. :-(
  19. Thanks Warren, will defo check it out! Cheers Jonny & Joe
  20. Was a [removed word] to line up by hand with the tiny sony ericsson whilst pressing it's tinier button and I went for the Skywatcher 150p eq3-2 and we're loving it, next time we might try to view something a bit more challenging mind.
  21. We've just had our first gaze through our new telescope, had a great time and thought i'd try and capture an image of the moon on my girlfriends mobile phone.
  22. It's on it's way to me as we speak so that isn't yet possible plus I'm sat in the office at work which doesn't help..........on the graveyard shift, just been busy scaring myself reading up on polar alignment and collimation. My head hurts
  23. I have ordered a Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece with it too, and have had a read on how to use it.
  24. Hi, I'm in a town actually :-( a bit further west than you I'd guess, 15 miles outside Cambridge (Newmarket), but the light pollution isnt that bad, but we'd probably camp out in the country when we want to make a proper night of it! I've not visited any astro societies I will probably start self teaching with a good book at my side, it''s always interested me as my grandad used to have a home made mammoth sized contraption in a converted shed, most i've done is the constellations with my naked eye though, so I really really can't wait to get started. The Girlfriend on the other hand knows much more but has never had her own telescope we are both like little kids again getting all excited at the prospect of it you could say.
  25. Hi all and everyone , I registered here yesterday and with some advise from the friendly folk here purchased me and my girlfriend a nice shiny new Skywatcher Explorer 150p for Christmas our first telescope! Yay! Christams just can't arrive soon enough for us! It'll be hard not to unpack it early I tell you. I'm 28 and from Sunny Suffolk (he says whilst dripping wet after a short trip into town), must say this is a most friendly forum I feel at home already and a good read too especially loving the images here taken by people, breathtaking!! See you all around I hope!
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