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  1. I've been watching this thread with great interest ~ WO type II f/f reducers were origiinally produced for their ZS66 OTA's but the type II's are now discontinued and subsequently as rare as hen's teeth Has anyone tried out The Skywatcher f/f reducer with a ZS66 and if so ~ would you be kind enough to show the uncropped "before and after" results please? Cheers, Keith.
  2. I must say....what a fantastic tutorial, many, many thanks for all of those who bombarded me with responses after finding it so useful themselves, thanks for sending the many links and offering to email it to me......but please would you mind not sending anymore?.... due to my inbox overflowing, sharing of knowledge is a wonderful thing Quote: "Sharing knowledge is not about giving people something, or getting something from them. That is only valid for information sharing. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another develop new capacities for action
  3. Night after night, week after week of bad seeing, but it takes only one night of good seeing to makes it all worthwhile, stunning images, well done and thanks for sharing them. Keith.
  4. That's the one Neil : ) Cheers, Keith.
  5. Hi ' I've been reading the following thread and I've found that there is a Winjupos tutorial created by a SGL member "Kokatha Man", I've tried to locate his tutorial o the SGL forum but cannot find it, over 2 weeks ago I sent him an email but as yet not had any reply, does anyone know if this tutorial is available from either his website ( if he has one) - or from another source ? Many thanks, Keith.
  6. Hi' A brief clear spell on Saturday morning 21st October allowed me to set up the EQ6 Pro, C9.25" and DFK with a 4x Imagemate attached, here's one result of one of the many AVI's which was captured during the session, capturing @ 30 f.p.s. 897 frames ~ aligned and stacked in Autpstakkert II and wavelets applied in Registax v6. It's been suggested that I start using Winjupos for de- rotation, - I had a chat with a Damian and Dave Tyler a while back who suggested that I start using it but try as I might .. I can't find a tutorial, looking through the threads I did come across a SGL member who
  7. Very nice image Dave, you may be interested to know that on the 27th August 2011 @ 00:22 - visually comet C/2009 P1 Garradd is passing by M71 in Saggita at an estimated magnitude of 8.2 Keith.
  8. Durham county council have already implimented the reduction in street lighting, after chatting to one of their engineers he commented "it "is" going to happen whether people like or not" the savings being made will be so dramatic we have little choice". A canny stretch of the A167 has had new "down light" heads fitted together with new sensors which are linked to a control center, individual light's can be dimmed or indeed turned off. Apparently the new system isn't cheap and it will take time to have all of the lamp posts fitted with the new light's and sensors but hey - it's a step in the r
  9. Just read this Street lights switched off in HALF of Britain | Mail Online in the mail on Sunday, let's hope it goes ahead!
  10. :hello2:Hi' Everyone, I thought I'd take the time to re-introduce myself after being away from SGL for quite a while. I've been into imaging solar system objects for a number of years but also now starting to branch out into imaging DSO's. I'm hoping not only to pick up tip's and idea's from fellow members but pass on what knowledge I have too. It's good to be back ! Clear skies to all (without any gale force winds), Keith J.
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