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  1. AstroKane

    Lagoon And Trifid With Hyperstar

    Stunning, just what I needed to see! I currently use an ED80 whilst learning the craft. I do have an Edge HD 8" in reserve (currently used for lunar/planetary) and the aim is once I am more proficient and have made some gear upgrades (camera, mount +hyperstar) I would be using this setup. Could I ask what mount you are using?
  2. AstroKane

    M8/M20 LRGB

    Really nice - great capture!
  3. AstroKane

    NGC 6888 14.7.2018

    Cheers! I must admit it wasn't a target on my list to image purely down to my current capabilities. However I have now looked at some much better processed images and it is a great looking Nebula. I will definitely go back to this when I'm a bit further down the line with image acquisition. Plate solving, mono cam, filter wheels etc all stuff I intend to get into!
  4. AstroKane

    NGC 6888 14.7.2018

  5. AstroKane

    NGC 6888 14.7.2018

    Thanks! I am a relative newbie to imaging so I really wasn't sure what to expect with my simple rig. As my DSLR isn't modded, I probably wouldn't have imaged this target until I have made some scheduled upgrades, but I suppose sometimes you just get lucky. A big shout out goes to the Pole Master for letting me eek out 120 subs unguided on the AVX (a tad too long if I am honest but I sacrificed better stars for that little bit of extra data).
  6. AstroKane

    NGC 6888 14.7.2018

  7. AstroKane

    NGC 6888 14.7.2018

    My first attempt at the Crescent Nebula, due to it's position in the sky it offered me the best chance to avoid LP. Really happy with the outcome. I only managed to get around an hour of data and I was imaging via an un-modded Canon DSLR using an un-guided Advance VX mount. Add to that my heavily light polluted skies, it could have been a lot worse! To draw any detail I have definitely over processed, but still for me, a pleasing outcome. Cannot wait to try this target again with guiding! Scope: SW ED80 Mount: Advance VX, Camera: Canon 700D DSLR 120x58 Lights 30 Darks 20 Bias 20 Flats
  8. AstroKane

    2017 scout evening

    Hi Guys - I have been quietly enjoying my astro hobby from the safety of my back garden these last few years. I really don't know how much longer my wife can stand listening to me bang on about all things astro. And so, I would be keen to meet up with some like minded people. I currently have an Advance VX mount and for viewing/Lunar and planetary imaging I use the EDGE 8"SCT with a nice selection of X-CEL eyepieces. For DSO work I use the SkyWatcher ED80. I am currently just building my up my rig for guiding. All imaging with an unmodded Canon DSLR. I am by no means an expert in anything I do, all trial and error I am based in Thurrock (just neat Lakeside). Sounds like you guys are in an around this area, have you found a particular spot with darker skies? That you are not likely to get mugged/stabbed or caught up in some bizarre [removed word] scenario! Clear Skies Kane
  9. Excellent!! Thank you. I'm awaiting a SW EvoGuide from FLO....looking like August so I'm being very patient! I've swapped the original vixen with a longer ADM and added the original vixen to the top ready for the quidescope!
  10. Sorry to bump this up, but I am in exactly the same boat. I will be adding a 50mm guide scope to my SW ED80 and was heading down the same configuration as you. It’d be awesome if you could post an image of your rig with the guide scope attached and provide any feedback on performance? Cheers and clear skies.
  11. AstroKane

    COMPLETED - SW ED80 c/w Case and Reducer

    Lovely scope.
  12. For those nights you just want to grab and go that is fantastic. Nice bit a versatility here, it is always a bonus when adding kit to your gear that it can be used for dual purposes. Bring on August
  13. AstroKane

    Dew Settings - UK

    Cheers for that input gents, sounds like it's a bit of trial and error until you become accustomed to your personal rig - that's great. I just didn't want to launch in with newbie mistakes. I am that summer preparation phase, gearing up for another winter season! You know the drill! Clear skies Kane
  14. Hi All - I recently added a dew system to my setup. I picked up the HitecAstro Dew controller with Astrozap straps which will be used on my SW ED 80. I would be grateful for any advice on dew settings - particularly if you use this device and especially for folks in Southern UK . Do you have them on all the time, or A certain temp relative to dew point. Do you often employ them for summer sessions, or more autumn and winter. What settings should I be using, this device doesn't seem to display a temperature. Many thanks for any tips/advice. Clear Skies Kane
  15. @FLO Hi guys - Any rough estimations as to when the next batch of Evoguides arrive? I know it is supposed to be 40-60 days but, new gadget excitement and all that I have been looking, but would be great if anyone can provide some feedback re the scopes guiding performance, set up etc - Pictures would be nice! especially if any of you fine folks have mounted it to a SW ED80! Clear Skies Kane

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