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  1. Will cope easily but hope you have plenty of imaging experience- the focal length will be a challenge.
  2. Don't forget you can connect a laptop via wifi to reduce cables!
  3. Forgot to mention, tested the regular polar scope and it works fine. I never bother with it myself.
  4. Well I couldn't get it to work the way I had envisaged as below. There isn't the space to put the screws in and it would've been slightly cockeyed. Also not able to put the Polemaster left because there is not enough space to connect a lead so I settled for the conventional position and will see how this works. Hopefully won't make too much difference to polar alignment and event if it does, this mount will just smooth the curve out!
  5. Looks good. That's the spot where I'll mount mine but the other way round so it is flush to the mount. Just called widescreen and apparently was sent last Monday. No sign of it at this end though.
  6. Thanks Mike, I'd also heard about having the Polemaster USB on the left hand side but didn't know why. Great explanation. If the adaptor is the right way round, might need to mount the plate lower using the bottom right screw so the cable can go through the handle as I don't think there is enough space in the upper part of the casing.
  7. Hi Andy, it'll work fine in any orientation but how'd you pack it away in that position. I order one from widescreen nearly 2 weeks ago and haven't heard a thing. They're not picking up the phones either.
  8. Heard back from Luciano, they are using a more rigid version of the belt but there have been no differences to the mechanics of the mount.
  9. I should also add for context the mount alignment was sloppy and this was my second time at guiding the mount. I was posting this merely to show it was coping well in windy conditions with gusts. Stars as said were pin sharp (happy to post an image when I'm next on my pic for clarity). Hoping to get some answers direct from Avalon as to what has been done to reduce elasticity but without a shadow of a doubt, I was told something and my mount only moves under very heavy tugging.
  10. Olly and Sara have older versions of the mount, not the recently revised model which has had a revision to sort elasticity, hence my guide graph.
  11. Please clarify your experience in using the Avalon mount in windy conditions. Having used mine in recent windy conditions (>15mph plus gusts) the below represents a snap shot of my guide graph. The subs were pin sharp.
  12. Nope, doesn't have aspa. The polar alignment feature on the x-solver is limited. I use a Polemaster which is very easy but of course, you need a north view. Contact Avalon, they'll likely have a solution for you.
  13. Hi Sara, Not sure I can remember the specifics of the conversation - it was face to face at a very busy Astrofest but if memory serves me right, I think it was something to do with the types and thickness of belts being used inside the mount. If I pull on the counterweight shaft of mine quite hard, it'll move slightly and reflex back but I'm talking an extreme tug and nothing that the wind could cause (even in hurricane conditions!!). I'm lead to believe this wasn't the case with older models of the mount.
  14. The Avalon will have very little in the way of maintenance costs as there are no gears and teeth to regrease or repair every few years. Luciano (manufacturer of the mount) is also extremely approachable and has recently tweaked the mount to address historic concerns about elasticity in wind. I bought mine in February and have done a bit of imaging in 10-15mph winds and - pinpoint stars! The mount is extremely easy to use and is very portable. The stargo software is stable, flexible and works well on an intuitive level. I'm sure the Mach 1 is also a capable mount but why spend on second hand if it'll do an equal job with imaging gear way in excess of your planned imaging scale. In fact, if you are using the ASI 1600, I'd question whether you need this level of mount as most exposures with this camera are only 2-3 mins at they not. Surely achievable with your current gear.
  15. Will try to see if I've saved the logs. The guiding for the night was pretty much all like this but I've seen graphs with this mount that are almost flat! Just wondering how people do it and if it'll improve performance.
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