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  1. I have a pair of Apollo 15x85s mounted on a Horizon 8115 via a WO EZ Touch and it works a treat. Nice and steady.
  2. Congrats guys! Hope the move goes without a hitch.
  3. Definitely has potential, especially if it can be recorded and referred back to for reference.
  4. Oops! Didn't spot Andrew's post. His was much more informative anyway.
  5. Also, there's a shorter light path through the 1.25" vs the 2" diagonal.
  6. Glad it's sorted. It's actually not really the size of the diagonal that's made the difference. It's more that, because it's a 1.25inch, the filter thread on the tube facing end is the correct size for the 1.6 barlow. This allows you to get the end of the barlow further into the tube and resolves the in-focus problem.
  7. I had exactly the same problem with the same combination. After much trial and error my eventual solution was to get 1.25inch WO diagonal from FLO. I then screwed the 1.6 barlow to the tube facing end of the diagonal and and used the binoviewer as normal in the other end. This got me into focus without any problem, although it did increase the magnification.
  8. Hi Paul, Try Steve at FLO. I have exactly the same problem, so Steve is getting an adapter made for me.
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