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  1. This was from Last night. The PA method I'm using is a PA scope matching the Circumpolar constellations to the what is seen in the night sky making parallel to it.
  2. Hello all, last night when imaging I noticed my DEC axis was way off compared to my RA in PHD after setting up autoguiding. I have the AVX and my polar alignment was relatively good. During this time in which this showed up My Anti-Backlash was set to 10 on both RA and DEC values. What should I do? increase DEC values? set RA to 0?. 3 star alignment was well too Thanks for the advice, Darien Perla
  3. Hello all, Couple of days ago I went out to continue the imaging of the fireworks galaxy, My polar alignment was relatively ok so on that note I continued to do my 3 star alignment procedure in the area where the object was located. Despite that the my PHD software didn't show, "The RA and Dec axis are questionable"... my graph still looked a bit crazy and was unable to pull out a 200sec image and only a 180sec image. Any suggestions? or recommendations? I have the Celestron AVX mount.
  4. Yes indeed I did mine was set at 750 which was what I had prior and worked absolutely fine.
  5. Hello fellow Astronomers! I've been having and issue with my auto guiding for quite sometime now and this issue started mid December while imaging the fireworks galaxy at my university's observatory to which when I was finishing my alignment process and camera configuration then applying the auto guider on my guide scope. While opening up PHD2 and calibrating the star I noticed the star wouldn't even move at all in fact it would take 60 west steps till the error message popped up saying," RA calibration failed star didn't move enough". Though I realized that the port on my AVX mount for guiding had been damage somewhat so I sent it over to Celestron for repairs. Unfortunately however after nearly a month after I received a noticed that UPS lost my mount which resulted in replacing the mount for a new one. Just recently on Wednesday I went to the observatory again to start my imaging of the Flame Nebula. Now the during the calibration of the auto guider the star does move now so I know it is not the mount that's the issue because even with the new mount the same error message that I've received from the past keeps popping up. The guide cable that runs to the SSAG the teeth on it was damaged and I've been the using the one to my ZWO planetary imager to the SSAG. You would think it wouldn't make a difference seeing their guide cables both should work correctively but no! Even with the ZWO guide cable the same error message pops up. I've even put 5 points on both + and - on the DEC for anti-backlash which on the my old mount(Same mount) fixed my solution with the autoguiding. And yes ive done all the procedures as followed: 1.accurate polar alignment 2. mount is east heavy 3. put the correct settings for the SSAG including the focal length of the guide scope (400mm)into PHD 4. Checked to make sure the SSAG isn't damaged which it isn't I know it also isn't my mount because on the live feed on PHD the guide stars aren't moving which concludes my mount is tracking properly. Ive contacted Celestron and told them about the situation and they said it could be because their different cables seeing one is from a planetary imager and the other is from a SSAG for Deep space. Though when contacting Orion I bought a replacement cable but they said the complete opposite of what Celestron said. I'm still awaiting for the arrival of the new cable, but my only conclusion is because of the cable that came with the SSAG because besides the mount I haven't had any guiding problems since that cable broke. What are your thoughts about this? Best Regards, Darien Perla
  6. Haha it's just a Homework assignment but I made an A
  7. Hello all, Im currently at Texas Tech majoring in Astrophysics its my first year here but I've encountered some questions i have in my Astro 1400 class. I believe they're right but I want to make sure they are. There's one though I I'm not entirely sure what to choose but I believe it is A can you guys help me out? Best Regards, Darien Perla
  8. ok. I'm really worried though that guide port is destroyed
  9. I don't use ascom I use on camera. I mean the GPS software I use with stellarium works fien
  10. Not really my friend has an 11" on his and his works fine. No pulse guiding doesn't work
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