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  1. Yes, I was looking at Quark, but it's a bit too expensive. Maybe it's worth to collect some more money on it?
  2. Hello, I'm going to buy my first h-alpha solar telescope in a few months. I was looking at two scopes - Coronado PST single stacked and Lunt 50mm single stacked. I have few questions about these scopes 1. Which would be better for visual AND imaging? Coronado is cheaper but Lunt have 0.3A narrower h-alpha pass. 2. Is Newton's rings problem present in both scopes? 3. If I went with Lunt, what's the difference in FoV between B400 and B600 blocking filter? 4. If someone has images from these scopes, it'd be great if he uploaded it here Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, I'm going to buy a Skywatcher Enhanced pilot and motors for EQ3-2 mount. Is here anyone who can share his experience with this pilot? Is guiding good and smooth with guiding camera and PHD2? Any help will be appreciated
  4. Hi, I was wondering if Baader's UHC-S filter is worth to buy. I would like to know if it is good for imaging with my 80/400 achromatic refractor, not modded Canon EOS 600D on EQ2 (I'll get EQ3-2 soon) mount with single axis motor drive. Thanks in advance!
  5. You can always make and subtract fake flat frame... This is your photo, I processed it like this: 1. Duplicate the layer 2. Noise -> Dust and scratches (Radius - 200, threshold - 0) 3. Blur -> Gaussian Blur (Radius - 1000) 4. Blending mode -> Subtract 5. Flatten the image 6. Adjust color, contrast and brightness
  6. Hi! A few days ago I started doing some planetary imaging. I have Canon EOS 600d and 130/650 reflector telescope. These are my best photos so far - http://imgur.com/a/Q5Oq5, but I want to take planetary photos with a dedicated device, not with DSLR. I was doing some research and I saw affordable ZWO ASI034MC. Is this camera good? Could someone please send me photos taken with this camera and similar telescope? Thanks in advance!
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