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  1. I`m selling my ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO USB 3.0 Mono Camera with added ZWO dew heater. Camera is rarely used and in excellent condition. 950GBP Price include EU/UK shipping
  2. I`m looking for a 31mm unmounted Astrodon H-alpha 5nm filter. If you have one, give me a shout
  3. S-II filter is sold H-a and O-III still available (for now) Price per filter 400GBP with shipping included.
  4. Forgot the price again.. 1200GBP for the whole set, with shipping included.
  5. I`m selling a set of 3 Chroma ultra-narrowband 3nm SHO filters. They are in the original packages and come with test certificate from the manufacturer. Filters has never been used. Just opened and checked. Perfect/ Pristine condition. These filters are literally the same Astrodon 3nm filters and that`s why I`m selling them as I recently got Astrodons, and one of the sets had to go. Price includes shipping. Can split the set, if there are buyers for the whole 3 of them
  6. I`m not good in imaging and you can see that I`m even selling my ASI290mm-cool in another post. I bought the Quark for the solar eclipse in USA and used it couple of times after that for visual only. It operates flawlessly. It`s literally new. Best regards Sevo
  7. I`m selling my rarely used ZWO-ASI290mm-cool, peltier cooled monochrome camera. 450GBP Price includes shipping to UK/EU
  8. I`m selling my Daystar Quark Chromosphere eyepiece. 3 years old (as seen on the receipt). It is in the original box and in pristine condition. I have sold my scope and cant use it anymore. 850GBP Price includes shipping to UK/EU
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