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  1. Sevo

    Baader 110mm energy reduction filter.

    Still on sale?
  2. Hi will you post the Orion Starshoot Autoguider to Farnham?
  3. Ah...this is what I needed. Excellent explanation and makes perfect sense. Cover 100% my observation. With 10 kilos EQ6-Pro is times more accurate than loaded with 20 kilos. Thanks Olly
  4. I agree either. But my question is...What mechanical part limits the load of A particular EQ Mount. I mean, if the mount is balanced, there is no torque over the worm. There is a load from the counterbalance and telescope, but the worm mechanism should not feel great load if it balanced. Or I might be wrong
  5. Guys What parameter limits the payload of a mount? I really can't figure out what could be the mechanical limit of eq6 or eq5... They are berry we'll build mounts but with big difference based on SW specs.
  6. Here is one very easy way for dough drift alignment https://starizona.com/acb/basics/using_polar.aspx
  7. Yeah...someone from the SWmarketing has to be fired:)
  8. Sevo

    Uranus 2016-09-27

    Excellent shot! what was the exposure time and how many shots you've made?
  9. Sevo

    EQ-6 Modification

    You may they this belt upgrade also. results are really good http://rowanastronomy.com/productsa2.htm#neq6beltkit
  10. Sevo

    EQ Mount complete balancing procedure.

    I have a question... Does the imperfect balance impact Periodic Error? I have this strange effect when my 8 inch SCis loaded with autoguider and DSLR camera. Even the PE training does not help.
  11. Sevo

    Which better mount to buy?

    +1 for the eq5 eq6 is significantly better but also significantly heavier.
  12. Sevo

    EQ-6 Upgrade

    I would suggest to look for a belt upgrade. Sound became like R2-D2. 120 pounds more worth the result. http://rowanastronomy.com/productsa2.htm#neq6beltkit
  13. Yeah, mine new6 looks the same. I need my imagination and allot of stargazing when I search the Polaris.

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