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  1. I`m not good in imaging and you can see that I`m even selling my ASI290mm-cool in another post. I bought the Quark for the solar eclipse in USA and used it couple of times after that for visual only. It operates flawlessly. It`s literally new. Best regards Sevo
  2. I`m selling my rarely used ZWO-ASI290mm-cool, peltier cooled monochrome camera. 450GBP Price includes shipping to UK/EU
  3. I`m selling my Daystar Quark Chromosphere eyepiece. 3 years old (as seen on the receipt). It is in the original box and in pristine condition. I have sold my scope and cant use it anymore. 850GBP Price includes shipping to UK/EU
  4. You cant dis- like this scope, especially tested batches, like this one. I`m so sorry that I`ve had so less time with it, as its really a lifetime scope. Had a night out two weeks ago with it, looked at Jupiter and Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury together with the Neowise (single-night with so much planets is rare. Together with a comet , very rare) and was amazed by the contrast and the clarity of the image. This was my first visual Jupiter observation that I saw the "little red spot" and 6 Jupiter moons in my eyepiece, edge-to-edge. I really had to take this hard decision, due to lack of funds due to the S** covid-19 stagnation and upcoming expenses that has to be paid. Nothing else. Maybe someday I`ll buy it again, but till then I`ll have to live somehow.
  5. I`m selling a FLO purchased (PO0118905)and Pre-Dispatch Optical Bench ES Tested several months old Sky-Watcher Esprit 150 ED PRO Triplet in original box. I`m adding also the original flattener and bahinov mask. The scope was used several times but is like new. Excellent sharpness comparable to APM and Takahashi. As for the price... you can see the PO was 4544,85GBP I`m selling it for 4370Eur. (3950GBP) This price includes shipping to UK (DA1 4QX) You can pick it from there (Kent/Dartford) or I can deliver it to your door for the price of shipping Kent>your house.
  6. I`m selling a well kept iOptron iEQ45pro Equatorial Mount with 2inch tripod and hermetic case. Price includes shipping to UK. I can ship to Spain and Germany too The pictures are with TDM mounted, but it is not included in the price. If you want it, please contact me at <email address removed>
  7. Mine Hot Mirror is from Edmund Optics and is very well build. BTW I have tested the Hot Mirror and it has astigmatism. Not so dramatic, but visible. That`s why the use of Cold Mirror is in the production. Now I`m changing the design of my ONAG with Cold Mirror plate and will post the result when available.
  8. No I didn`t. Sold my scope and now can`t. The new Esprit 150 will be here in early June. Hope that COVID-19 lock-down to be over till then. I`ll gladly send the first or second version to anyone that want to give it a try. I`m already developing V.3, that will be hybrid (manual or motorized ) All that you need are the Starlight Xpress adapters and the Hot Mirror. Contact me in the private section if you want it shipped. Sevo
  9. The guide-cam movement and adjustment is the most essential part of this guider. Usually the guide cam has smaller chip than the main imaging cam and it wont be able to see the same FOV as the main cam. This leads that less stars will be available to the FOV of the guide cam. That`s why you need to move it across the FOV of the imaging cam and find the brightest star. This approach is especially suitable for Adaptive Optics (Starlight Xpress ...) which OAG not always have a suitable guide star outside of the FOV of the main imaging camera.
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