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  1. I think I may be doing something wrong here, because i observed Mars the other night through my 8 inch reflector and it seemed far too bright to make any detail out. I'm very new to planetary observing, so perhaps i'm making a glaring mistake that would be obvious to you more experienced guys?
  2. Thanks for all your help with the matter guys, i'll know to be more careful in the future
  3. Hey guys. I'm relatively new to astronomy, having bought my first "large" telescope at the end of August, namely the Skywatcher Explorer 200p on the EQ5 mount. However the EQ5 seems to have developed a fault. Around 6 weeks after purchase i was bringing the scope and mount back indoors after a cold night under the stars, and i usually lower the latitude on the mount when it's back indoors due to paranoia about leaving it at around 56 degrees. Unfortunately the rear latitude adjustment screw was stuck fast in the back of the mount, which i'm fairly sure was a result of the end of the screw having been deformed in some way, perhaps by the sheer weight of the OTA! Anyway, it's away getting repaired right now and i was wondering where i went wrong with this? I would tend to mount the OTA on the EQ5 before adjusting latitude for polar alignment, which may have caused the problem. Also is it common to simply keep a telescope at the appropriate latitude all the time anyway? Thanks for any light you guys can shed on the matter.
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