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  1. No takers? How about £60? I’ll also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin payments for those interested.
  2. Ah, okay. I read the rules as meaning it was 'either or', not price mandatory. My mistake. In that case I'll just throw out a price of £70. Again, open to offers.
  3. I'm open to offers as I'm unsure where to pitch them considering they come as-is with no packaging/instructions.
  4. Hi all, FOR SALE: Orion StarShoot Solar System Colour Imaging Camera IV Revelation Projection Camera Adapter 1.25" Laser Collimator I have the above three items for sale. All of them came bundled in with my HEQ5 SW 200PDS that I purchased second hand. With regard to the camera and camera adapter, I'm a Mac user, so I have no Windows computers or laptops in my house, so I have no compatibility with these items. They came exactly as shown in the image, so no instructions, no packaging (though I will of course pack them well in the box I would ship them to you in). As I have no means
  5. Anyone have any words of wisdom on this? Not even the bag, just keeping mount and tripod attached. Thanks.
  6. I know a lot of people use one of these to power their scopes. Inexpensive and does the job. I use this to power my HEQ5 mount and SynScan handset http://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/battery-chargers-jump-starters/phaze-4-in-1-jump-starter Just plug in your cigarette adapter end into this thing and you're off to the races. Just make sure you charge the thing every couple of months as stated in the instructions or it will lose its charge.
  7. Hi all, Has anyone purchased one of these Geoptik mount + tripod bags http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-padded-case-for-eq-mount-tripod.html and tried to fit a tripod and mount inside it? I'm wondering how strong the bag is as the HEQ5 is a heavy mount. Also, does anyone pack away their HEQ5 (or heavier) mount while still attached to the tripod? Is there any danger of damaging anything on either item if storing them lying down, connected in a bag? Much quicker set up if you don't have to put the mount back on the tripod every time. Thanks, Gary
  8. Ignore. I see FLO no longer sell Artesky products. Thanks.
  9. I'm looking at getting SkyFi for my HEQ5 Pro mount as it looks a lot more user friendly. However, I see that you need to plug it into your SynScan controller, so does this mean you still need to do star alignments via the SynScan handset etc before I can use the SkyFi and Sky Safari app, or are they capable of doing this also?
  10. Oh, I should also note I have an iPhone not an android, but I appreciate the help!
  11. Hi all, Has anyone found a remote timer shutter release for a Nikon D50? This is the DSLR that I have and I have only found the wireless remote shutter release but not one you can set timers on like an intervalometer. All the threads I've searched are pretty old and most mention DIY projects with infrared sensors and coding. I'm looking ONLY for something that works out of the box. If there genuinely is nothing, I'll just have to get the remote shutter release and manually time the exposures with a stopwatch. Thanks.
  12. Yep. Setting up with Polaris is the plan as I don't have anything far enough I can see without drawing eyes from the neighbours
  13. I should also note that manually trying to find things when you don't have the Finder Scope aligned yet is a pain in the ass. However, while trying to find Vega as that was still bright in the sky, I thought I had found it, but I realised later I had found The Double Double! Was very fun to have stumbled upon this and watch it for a while. Felt like I got something from the session.
  14. Well the other day I set it all up, sub zero temperatures, and for the second time now, I got it all set up to put Polaris in the right position and looked through the Polar Scope and saw nothing. It was a little cloudy out and Polaris was getting fainter by the minute. I checked the cap was off the Polar Scope on the top of the mount. It's off. I adjust the Polar Scope LED brightness up and down. Still can't see it. I move the whole mount a little to the side in case my point north is off. Still can't see Polaris. Getting more faint by the minute. Eventually I give up. I just manually slew an
  15. Thanks, yes the second image aligning wise with the crosshairs is what it now also looks like at this point too since I seem to have got it correctly collimated. When I pull the Cheshire out some distance it still shows secondary as perfectly centred also. The tip of wrapping a single layer of cellotape around the Cheshire made it a nice snug fit and aligning much easier. I just pray the star test goes well. Thanks for all the help folks!
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