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  1. Also, as asked for, these are the photos with obvious flares. The last two photos are the photos before and after the one I was questioning about.
  2. My aunt and uncle have gotten every into Planet X and thus, being me, I am curious. Not a doubter, but not a full believer yet either. The logical part of me wants more scientific proof, but the fearful of the unknown part of me is scared out of my wits... So, I started taking pictures and such. Thank you you guys for taking the time to welcome me and answer my question without making me feel like a nut job. I'm very interested in learning everything about everything, but since Nibiru has come into the picture, I've been extremely curious about it... It's like a
  3. No sir. No filters. All my other lens flares were greenish and red in the photos before and after. Hence why I was utterly curious.
  4. Hi. I'm new to all this, so I wasn't sure where to post this photo. Wondering what this object is...? Have debunked the possibility of a lens flare thanks to photos taken before and after this one. I have seen this strange object move from left to right, seemingly across the sun, on a couple of occasions now and am curious to see if anyone else has seen it or can identify what it is... Thanks for any help.
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