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  1. Andy can't make it today, so this pitch is still available if anyone wants Red 318. Failing that, if you're near or adjacent and want the space, go for it I'll be in the Ash Lodge from later this afternoon till Monday, so i'll try and get round and say hello to folks at least! Cheers, Lee.
  2. Well...due to our need to pack as we're looking to move soon, I won't be using the pitch I've paid for. I'm still coming up for the experience, as we'd also paid for a lodge over the same dates, just won't get to do any imaging. If anyone would like to take over the following pitch, drop me a PM. Arrival date: 20-Apr-12 Departure date: 23-Apr-12 Unit type: Red Squirrel Area Plot number: T318 So Red 318 if anyone wants to pick up this one. Let me know. Thanks, Lee. *
  3. The level of detail is simply phenomenal, and to find the level of effort to capture this is simply the definition of dedication. Absolutely stunning!
  4. Absolutely stunning. Incredible depth.
  5. Very tempted! HiTecAstro due to release some precision steppers for use with their FocusMaster controller. Haven't published any dates yet though on their site. This will likely as not be my choice if date is next year for HTA.
  6. Anyone using 5M USB2 straight run cables vs. active repeaters at same length?
  7. Does anyone know where cases can be sourced of a size to fit a SW 190 MN & an NEQ6 Pro? Not fussed between Aluminium or hard plastic, just trying to avoid paying Pelican style prices Thanks in advance! Lee.
  8. Managed to get 318, so near enough to the top. Now just have to wait for the mugshot post. Anyone know of a company that sells big cases to fit SW kit? Namely an NEQ6 & 190MN...
  9. Booked a lodge. Will call them in the morning for a pitch also then. Given that red is virtually full, best to go with yellow after?
  10. LOL, win, win indeed.../me ducks wife... Is it easy to image near the lodges, or do you grab a pitch also?
  11. Going to grab a lodge for the weekend I think. I enjoy camping, wife not so much First timer so will be good to meet folks, and this way i still keep the wife & son warm and dry at night, improving her mood and my life expectancy!
  12. Indeed the bugbear of typing on a blackberry on the move. I mean't to type their noise levels keeps dropping with each CMOS revision, so please excuse the brain fart, the train probably went under a bridge and lowered overheads probably reset some neurons ;-) Gary Honis' published his test right after I bought a modded 450D. If i'd have waited a week Id have bought the 500D, as it blows the 1000 & the 450 out of the water for SNR. Although I wouldn't care about extra MP's, the 3" screen, Live View, and extra 2 bits for depth pushed me towards the 450. I could have had that and the great SNR if I'd gotten the 500.
  13. Given the 550D has just been released. You may want to start looking at some of the reviews for that. It almost seems that every time Canon rework this line, the SNR continues to drop fairly significantly. The 500 was a big improvement over the previous models certainly.
  14. More than happy to help out. It's nice when work knowledge can help in the fun aspects of life Certainly beats all the credit card fraud I'm having fun with!
  15. Fixed. I think Rob will be posting shortly. TJ - The FOV was awesome and very close ;-)
  16. Not really Steve, As you say it was an isolated incident. Basically email today uses a verification system between servers to try and ensure that no one maliciously "injects" an email in the stream so to speak. They do lookups to ensure that the sending and receiving email addresses are valid, as it's typical when distributing spam to 'spoof' the sending address so that it is untraceable. In this case there was a little twist as your email provider uses a German database of locations of email spammers as another criteria, before it will accept an inbound email. In this case, the block of addresses the sender was coming from seems to have had an email spammer on there at some point and was registered in that database, so your email server denied the transfer of mail and you never saw it.
  17. Gotta love the way Xilo.net are using a German spam DB for blocks on a fasthosts.net.uk CIDR block in Wales... I mean I knew they charged money to get out of Wales over the bridge but that's just going too far
  18. Going Friday myself. Have prior commitments on the Saturday.
  19. Typically a 550 error in Postfix is due to the Mail Transfer Agent failing to verify an address, either the senders or the recipients, in this case the recipient (in reply to RCPT TO command). it can occur when an MTA cannot talk to the recipient's mailer daemon or the next hop MTA. In other words...Steve, you email was knackered today sir
  20. Absolutely stunning as we'd already discussed. The earlier version already sold the wife on my new 190MN
  21. That one looks to be one of the best ones yet Robin, very nice and the trap held well.
  22. Well after the wife saw some of TJ's pics, the OTA on FLO, and with the promise of back rubs on demand, and taking the boy to school when she's tired. I have one ordered with a 314L+ and a set of Baader NB filters/wheel. One way to guarantee cloud over N. Essex for the next month I'm sure
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