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  1. I done a credit search on Telescope Planet today & have uploaded a copy below (sorry for the size but it needed to be quite big so it can be read) There is no mention of them being bankrupt but it did say that they are quite a new company,registered on 01/11/09. @ Admin. If this is not allowed,please remove.
  2. As the payment was made as a "gift" I would have thought the the buyer has not got any rights in claiming his money back. But on the other hand he could report you friend for selling items & asking for payment as a "gift", this could suspend his Paypal account. There is no way that I would refund the money though until I had the item returned. Maybe by offering to pay for return postage might help, other than that, the item might be fine & the buyer is just "trying it on" Good luck.
  3. I used an OIII filter on my 12" dob. The filter did seem to cut a lot of light out, a 130 scope might not be large enough for one of these, I think they (well the one I have) is recommended on 8" & over scopes.
  4. Tony.S

    Hello from Essex.

    Hi Joe. Welcome to SGL. I'm just ouside Harlow as well (far better than being in Harlow )
  5. Hi Seb. Nice to see that the 12" is getting some use. Very nice sketch. I'll get the suff in the post on Monday
  6. Hi. Yes, click on Control panel (at the top left of the page. On the left hand side of your control panel click on "edit signature" & just fill in the box & save
  7. I know exactly what you mean Russ, I have been churning this over in my head for days now but I have my heart set on this other scope. The dob is going to be very hard to part with, its definately the easiest to set-up, out with the base on with the scope,a quick bit of laser collimation & just let it cool down. The Vixen for me is still the hardest to part with, it was my first scope & to me it looks like a piece of art..I am truly gutted about parting with it. Hopefully I can raise some funds from other things I have, then I can keep both the dob & the Vixen
  8. Well now I've gone & done it. I have found the scope that I want, the Towa has gone to its new home, the 5SE is "sort of" pending sale if the member gets back to me... And now the really sad bit, I have put my Orion dob up for sale & after a lot of hard thinking (& I'm still not sure) I have put up for sale my beautifull Vixen
  9. I agree that there were a lot of sellers making a lot of money by postage charges ie: Buy It Now 1p P&P £75, eBay have been trying to address the P&P issue by capping the P&P charges allowed, once again though, it hit the honest ppl amonst us & it something that eBay had to backfoot on a bit. I normally sell books on eBay & when they changed it to having to list books & media to free post it was a joke, some of the books I have weigh 2 or 3 kilos, which meant I had to set the starting price higher, which meant the eBay gained even more fees. If there was a viable alternative to eBay, I would use it.
  10. Nice photos Towa. If its anything like that at sunset tonight I'll go out with my camera.
  11. Astro Buy & Sell is great..If you know its there. The good thing with eBay is that virtually everyone in the world has heard of eBay & as long as the item you are selling is reasonably priced, you are almost guaranteed of selling it within 10 days. The bad thing about eBay & Paypal is that they do have the monopoly & they know it & can they change the rules as & when it suits them..They also know but dont care if they upset a few sellers, because sadly there is no other real alternative. I use eBay & Paypal a lot, simply because I have no other real option...Paypal is great for buyers, its free & very safe, any disputes nearly alway end in the buyers favour but Paypal is not so good for sellers,other than instant payment, there are quite high fees & every chance of being scammed by not some so honest buyers (so sellers should always send out items of value by trackable & signed for mail) I dont know if its an eBay rule or a Paypal one but sellers are not even allowed to ask buyers to cover Paypal fees, which I find to be out of order if you are also offering different means of payment like cheques,postal orders or cash on collection.
  12. As strange as it sounds, Demonperformer is right, conkers do work. I live in a semi rural area & used to get quite a few spiders in the house, my mum told me about the conkers trick & I just thought she was going senile But I gave it a try & it works great, where we used to get 10 or more spiders a week, now I only see maybe 1 or 2 a month & the best thing...conkers are free (but I'm affraid they are not in season at the moment)
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