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  1. 25 minutes ago, Chefgage said:

    I have the top one and the bottom one. I soon upgraded my tripod to a skywatcher 1.75" tripod which feels like it could hold up an elephant. The original tripod I had would flex quite badly due to the weight of the scope, camera and tracking mount. If I used it with just the camera and tracking mount it was not so bad.

    Thank you for your response. Can I ask which camera you are using along with this setup? Also was this the same tripod you had before you upgraded? and you are welcome to attach some pictures you have captured with the setup :) Thanks.

  2. Wasn't sure exactly where this should go so moderators if this is the wrong place feel free to remove/move the post. I am wondering of your thoughts on my purchase, decided to finally try starting out astrophotography and heres what I got (see image) I understand the tripod may not be the best, but for the weight of the gear I would be using I am assuming it will not be so bad? :) 

    I will be pairing it with a Canon EOS 600d unmodded. Clear skies to you all and may the clouds p**s off :) 

    First time.JPG

  3. 43 minutes ago, endlessky said:

    When I use my camera/lens combination, I usually bolt a ball-head on a Vixen or Losmandy dovetail and then I clamp the dovetail on the mount saddle. There are a lot of different adapters that can do the job. Other people even put locking rings around the lens, and bolt the rings on a dovetail.

    Ok thank you. I think I will buy the mount first then and then evaluate what scope I would like and just use my camera for the time being :) thank you

  4. 10 minutes ago, endlessky said:

    Many people - and I am one of them - will tell you that for astrophotography a good mount is the most important thing. Everything rides on top of the mount and the best optics and camera would be useless if the mount wasn't able to handle the weight and track accurately.

    I would say HEQ5 Pro or similar is a good starting point. For astrophotography, you don't necessarily need a long focal length / big aperture telescope to get started. If you have any lens available for the Canon 600D, that would be a good starting point.

    In the future you can add a guide-scope and guide-camera to get longer exposures, but with short focal lenses (200-300mm or below) it's not really a starting necessity.

    Thank you for your response. The HEQ5 Pro is one that I have had my eye on. I do not have any other lenses other than the default one that came with the Canon, the 18-55mm I think it was. If I were to just get the mount and use just my camera, what would I need to mount my Camera properly to the HEQ5 Pro? Thanks.

  5. 1 minute ago, Ricochet said:

    Is this in the day time on terrestrial objects? The closer an object is, the further out the eyepiece will need to be in order to focus. If you are trying to focus on terrestrial targets (which the scope is not designed to do), then you will need some sort of extension tube (i.e. an additional adaptor) in order to focus.

    This means you are way out of focus. Assuming my earlier assumption was correct, remove the additional eyepiece adaptor so that you only have either the 1.25" or 2" adaptor in the focuser. This should allow the telescope to focus properly. When you turn the focuser wheel, which way does the focuser move to make the circle of light smaller? This is the direction you need to continue to go to achieve focus.

    Absolutely not.

    I had just the 1.25" adapter in earlier when I had it out during the night sky, and either way I extended it all the way in or all the way out of focus, the weird inside tube view was still present. I tried finetuning the focuser to no avail. I cannot remember entirely in regards to which way makes the circle of light smaller, sorry.

  6. Hello,

    I have a question regarding the focusing. For some reason, I cannot seem to gain focus on any of my eyepieces without combining the 1.25" and 2" adapters. If I use just the 1.25" alone, I cannot gain focus, but if I attach that to the 2" focuser adapter and then insert it into the focuser, I am able to gain focus? Is this a collimation issue? Or is it something specific to this scope? It is a Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX. It seems as if I cannot draw the focuser out far enough with just the 1.25 attached, if I have both adapter attached I seem to be able to bring out the focuser far enough to focus. Thanks.

  7. 4 hours ago, John said:

    You can get excellent eyepieces in your price range if you are happy to have a standard 50 degree field of view. The Baader Classic orthoscopic 10mm and 18mm eyepieces, for example, are £49.00 each but rival some of the best deep sky eyepieces available at any price. They just don't have a wide or ultra wide field of view:


    Which do you think I would have a better time with DSO? the 10mm or the 18mm version of this EP? Thanks.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Ruud said:

    Best budget buy would be the 16mm Nirvana. FLO has it: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/ovl-nirvana-es-uwa-82-ultrawide-eyepieces.html

    But why not save a bit longer and get a 17.5mm Morpheus? That's a top tier eyepiece

    Your telescope has coma which you may notice in ultra wide eyepieces, which both the Nirvana and Morpheus are. In the long run you'll probably want to get a coma corrector. Meanwhile it's only a bit of coma and will show up just at the edge of the field. Chances are it won't hurt your observation of most DSOs at all.

    Hello Ruud, thank you for your suggestion. In regards to the EP price, I do not want to splash out too much on an expensive eyepiece as I need to "find my feet" again with telescopes. I want to see which aspect of stargazing I prefer most again after the long time of not doing it. Though, the 17.5mm Morpheus I may purchase at a later date once I am comfortable with stargazing again :) 

  9. Hello people, will be purchasing a Skyliner 250px relatively soon, and was curious, what EP should i get as a first separate buy? I want to focus more on DSO rather than planetary. Budget in mind is around 50-70 GBP if there are any decent ones within that price range? Thanks. (I have been out of the astronomy "game" ever since I left England, and I am now visiting the hobby once again.)

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