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  1. I like the Tak clamshell for observing, but tube rings are definitely the way to go for imaging. You can mount a lot more stuff on rings. I prefer the look of the More Blue rings. Very simple and minimal like the K-Astec rings, but much cheaper. The only knock is that they’re slightly darker than the Takahashi silver accents.
  2. I used to own that linked wedge. Adjustments in altitude were near impossible. It’s difficult to lift the weight of the SA + scope + counterweight just by turning the little red knob. You need to tilt the altitude of the wedge up by hand and then freely turn the red knob. It is a solid wedge though. I swapped to the WO wedge and I’m much happier. I have no experience with the SW wedge.
  3. I have a FT (dual speed) on the way for an outreach scope. Will post a review on CN.
  4. Perhaps I can be of assistance: http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/552017-feathertouch-focuser-for-lunt-50/
  5. The Baader zoom is known for it's great versatile performance with h-alpha. Unfortunately as many of you Lunt 50mm owners know, it does not reach focus with the scope due to a lack of in focus. I saw saguaro's post here: http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/475199-anyone-with-the-new-lunt-50mm-pt/?p=6476959 but the adapters would set me back $40+. I went ahead and ordered a shorter eyepiece holder for the blocking filter- one that is 15mm tall vs the 30mm height of the original. Made sure to get one with setscrews to protect my eyepiece barrels from scratches. Arrived from China surprising
  6. Kellners and plossls work the best (keep in mind that some may not reach focus or may not be comfortable to use). I tired h-alpha with Ethos and Delos and while I did like using the Delos, I still find the eyepieces with fewer elements to work fine. If you have a tilt-tune system where you have to tilt the reflections out of the fov, using an eyepiece with a smaller fov is beneficial since the most contrast is achieved with minimal tilt tuning.
  7. Some more: "There is no room to make it have any shorter profile in a crayford design. Sorry, we would if we could- but the design will not allow it. We gave it a little over .4" of travel and the same exact racked in profile as the stock focuser. Price for the new Moonlite mini 1 1/4" crayford is $215 for a single rate or $315 for the dual rate. All colors are available. Plus it can be automated with our motor systems if customers need to." So from the looks of it, both will have the same in travel. Price is steep for a dual speed. Might go for a
  8. An update from Ron at Moonlite: "I'm making right now on the mill. Yes it is a 2 speed, 1 1/4" format mini crayford focuser. Looks cool-- Should have them ready to ship in about 2 weeks. All colors are available Thanks Ron"
  9. I emailed Lunt asking for details about the feathertouch's infocus compared to the stock helical focuser. I may still hold out for a Moonlite in case it has more infocus or atleast a dual speed focuser.
  10. I love using my Delos with the Lunt, but the Baader Hyperion Zoom also works quite well.
  11. I don't know if you guys saw this: https://luntsolarsystems.com/product/1-25-feather-touch-focuser-2/ A feathertouch for the LS50. Looks like it's only single speed.
  12. Without for me. Even if I do imaging I'll be attaching the camera to the bf, not the focuser. If it doesn't hurt to leave it on, I don't mind as long as it doesn't add any extra length to the overall focuser draw tube.
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