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  1. I have recently bought a Windows 10 tablet to use with my Atik Infinity as the Infinity software is only available for Windows. Haven't used it in earnest yet but testing showed it works. I got it for use with my portable set up when camping out (when it's clear!). Mark
  2. Hi, I had the exact same problem and this was due to the scope being the wrong way round. I started with the scope on the right as this suited the position of the finder on the scope and otherwise followed the mount instruction (also as per recommendations in this thread). However the scope went in wrong direction for second alignment star. Once I figured it out and moved the scope to the other side and then, after failed second attempt, around the other way the goto has been excellent. In fact I am amazed how accurate this little mount is. However, I can’t relocate the finder (red dot) on the Explore Scientific ED80 (bought same time) so it’s not in an ideal position at about 8 O’clock! Unfortunately the mount is not tracking correctly in the horizontal (azimuth) axis and this is due to that axis being stiff, unlike the altitude axis which is smooth as a hot knife through butter ?. I did notice it was a bit stiff and jerky using it manually when I first set up but thought it was perhaps the design. This became apparent and obvious at high magnification and using my Atik Infinity camera with the object drifting out of view within a few minutes. Needless to say I am returning to RVO today. Mark
  3. Update – I tested if I could get focus on some lights across the valley from where I live and I couldn’t. The Infinity needed to be inside the spotting scopes prisms....Thanks Bruce for suggesting testing in daylight, I hadn’t actually considered this or doing it on a tripod from my back bedroom window to some lights in the distance! I have therefore had to ditch the idea of using the spotting scope on a goto mount with the camera. I have now ordered an Explore Scientific ED 80 APO, SW AZ-Gti goto mount head (to go on my Horizon tripod) plus diagonals, red dot finder and a few other bits necessary to get the set up working. A lot more expense than I was planning but it should last a lifetime. Hopefully it will all fit in the campervan with powertank, EP’s, camera, laptop.... Mark
  4. Thanks Shirva, still thinking about it (I'm not a quick decision maker) and looking forward to see how you get on with the sw evostar 72 ed. Mark
  5. A Frankenstein scope sounds scary, I can just imagine the unfeasibly large extension would be tricky to balance ... My main interest is deep sky objects and the scope will generally be for travel within the UK in my campervan (with limited storage space). I was planning on buying the AZ Gti mount and hoping to utilise the spotting scope (currently on a Horizon 8115 tripod) with the Atik Infinity. I have a SW 250 PDS in my obsy at home that does everything but has a limited (S / SE) view in a light polluted area. So having something portable to take to dark sites, or being able to view other directions at home, would add a lot to my enjoyment of the hobby. I am coming to the conclusion that I will need an astronomical refractor which I could also use for terrestrial / wildlife viewing. The SW Evostar 80 ED DS Pro interests me but is perhaps : a) a bit weighty for the AZ Gti mount (I could use the Horizon or even my NEQ6 tripod legs if necessary) and the f/7.5 is maybe too slow for Video Astronomy with the Infinity, even with a focal reducer? I am completely new to Video Astronomy so have little knowledge / experience but the images I’ve managed as a ‘newbie’ with the Infinity on my big scope are stunning and have amazed me. I am hooked on VA for viewing DSO’s which I can hardly see visually, if at all. Mark
  6. Thanks for your replies Shirva and Bruce, you have given me some food for thought. I don’t have a barlow as I use the Baader Hyperions with fine tuning rings, but I am now thinking what I have got that could be fashioned into an extension tube. I thought it would be too bright for the Infinity to image something in the daytime without totally blowing out white so that is a potentially useful technique for testing focus. I did read somewhere that the focal point was too close to the prisms in a spotting scope to attach a camera and I guess I was hoping someone here knew and could confirm one way or another. If the focal point is further out from the prism, and I can confirm this by testing, then it’s definitely worth buying an appropriately sized extension tube. Otherwise I will be in the market for a new 70 / 80mm ED refractor . Mark
  7. Hi All, Has anyone managed to attach the Atik Infinity to a spotting scope for prime focus or know if this is possible? I have an Acuter 80 ED DS and would like to use it as a portable visual / VA setup with my Infinity on a SW AZ GTi mount. I tried it on my NEQ6 mount but couldn’t attain anywhere near focus. Cheers, Mark
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