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  1. Careful things don't spiral out of control. Great pic btw.
  2. My favourite because I was ready for it, it was at a good altitude and the sky was clear for virtually all of the eclipse...... done on an Alt-Az mount as well, so none of this automated none-sense.
  3. 8" SCT is a planet killer ( @F10. F20, F30 etc with barlows) 8" SCT is a good all round visual and AP scope ( lightweight,small, fairly easy to collimate) (@F6 -F7 with reducer) 8"SCT becomes fast, widefield scope for DSO's (@F4 with Night Owl @F2 with Hyperstar) Might not be the very best in each class, but the versatility is very attractive.
  4. "Fitted the skywatcher autofocuser to the 100mm breeder" Here's hoping for Triplets.......
  5. Yep, I don't make life easy for myself. Big old focal length (1400mm) combined with small narrow band objects that take a bit of coaxing to get any detail to emerge. Eskimo - ngc2392 I can see his nose in there. It was a bit Baltic on Saturday night when I took it, my nose probably looked the same. Ha (60mins in 45sec subs) , O3 (75mins in 45sec subs). It is quite a bright object. "Bow-Tie" ngc2371.. although looks more like a Quality Street Toffee. Ha (120mins), O3 (60mins) in 2min subs. Cats Eye ngc6543 Left this one to run
  6. One of the 'joys' of letting it run whilst you get the zeds in, is to work out what went wrong in the morning !!! Most instances you'll find are obvious and could have been avoided. That's astrophotography for ya !!!
  7. Evening all. Had the Celestron 8HD in galaxy imaging mode the other night, but could not resist having a look at the Moon. I had a go at the three little craters named after the Apollo astronauts and found them a bit more of a tougher prospect than I had at first presumed..... anyway...another story. The camera is an Atik 414ex mono. CCD, probably not the accepted first choice at Lunar imaging. Setting it on 0.001secs exposure I just let the scope track back and forth across all the illuminated areas. My thinking was to later pick out maybe 5 or 6 key images and stitch the
  8. Phew.....Thought it was a version of the Cerne Abbas Giant at first !!
  9. Your mind might suffer an 'inflationary' expansion when I suggest that if you have a moderately sized scope and a half decent astro-camera you might have already imaged a Quasar or two. It surprised me when I discovered a Quasar in a picture of M97 (Owl nebula) that was over 8 BILLION light years away !!!!
  10. I'm trying to image the Apollo Craters (Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins). Yes, Moon looks sharp and crisp.
  11. I think that one qualifies for " Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World..." must be a stacking option or something like that. ??
  12. Thanks. oops! I forgot to mention I had the 0.7x reducer on it.... still 1400mm, not bad. The 414ex is quite a small sensor as well and very sensitive. it picks up some pretty faint features. Yeah, that one strikes me as Eeyore the donkey, or a Gnu.
  13. Does this feature have a name ?? Had the Edge 8HD set up for galaxies, but narrow-band filters in the filter wheel..... oh well, lets zoom in on the Rosette nebula. Our Feline Feature is just to the side of NGC2239 (the lovely cluster of stars in the centre of the Rosette). Celestron 8HD - Atik 414 - Hubble Palette - Ha (110mins) O3 (50mins) S2 ( 25mins) There is a whole line of interesting shapes to be found here. Sean.
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