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  1. Just wanted to thank you all for your advice. In the end I decided to stick with the Evostar 90 as my first scope, Steve's review and Ron's experience suggested I'd be pretty happy with it as a beginner to astronomy, and it might last me awhile alongside any future purchases I might make. So I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived today, and is now proudly standing in my living room waiting for some clear sky, which don't seem forth coming in Yorkshire at present. I'll hopefully get first light some time soon and let you all know how my observing goes. Thanks David
  2. Thanks for the tip. Is the az3 that much more stable than the EQ2? I think the EQ3-2 stretches the budget too much and still leaves me with a mount that might not satisfy my future expansion needs. The heritage is tempting, it looks like a tidy package that might not take up too much space when not used and could fit in the car even when we go on holiday. How much difference will the focal length make? I've heard it amplifies the impact of cheaper EPs, so would I need to factor in additional EPs? Thanks Timebandit, it looks like the AZ4 would completely blow the budget? Would an Az3 be a better compromise than an EQ2? I'm happy enough setting up the eq but am thinking more in terms of stability. I hadn't really though about just standing the 150 on the ground, but I suppose that's how it's supposed to work. I'm just thinking it might be a bit bulky, particularly for taking away should the opportunity arise. Just how big would the 150 be? I suppose there is always the temptation to chase aperture but for starting out I think portability is going to win out, I can always get a bigger scope in the future to go alongside the portable one. Is the 90mm frac my best bet given the need for portability? And if so, which mount do I go for, assuming stability is the aim within budget. Many thanks David
  3. I was looking at the EQ2 mount, with a little apprehension about its stability. I've also seen the Evo advertised on the EQ3-2 but that goes above budget by a bit. Would that be better or is it still an imperfect solution and I'd be better getting the 2 and saving for a 5 in the future if I catch the bug? I like TLAO so far, can't wait to try it out with a scope.
  4. Thanks Peter. Steve's review really sells the Evostar as being a good choice for starting out, he seems to get some nice viewing out of it and his mum seems to like it. I think I've found that with all the scopes I short listed I can find a good review, in that people seem to like them, which makes me think that whichever scope I picked I'd get pleasing results from, which in some ways is reassuring and in other ways makes it harder to pick. The only negative I can maybe draw from Steve's review is that the Evostar is quite large and maybe one of my other options would be an easier choice for portability (although Steve's vid seems to indicate that all scopes are bigger than you'd maybe anticipate). Does anybody know where I could find exact dimensions for the scopes listed, and maybe their weights?
  5. After enjoying gazing up at the night sky on recent trips abroad I've decided to take the plunge and pick up some kit for viewing at home, or at least near home. While away I was using my binos, a 8x42 Nikon pair, which gave nice views but I find I can't hold them very steady so end up drawing light trails when trying to view Jupiter and it's moons so I've decided something static is required. Having done some reading about what's available and setting my budget to £200 I've tried to narrow down my options to pick a telescope I think will work for me, but wanted to check my logic with you to check I'm understanding things correctly and see if I've missed anything glaringly obvious. After hunting through the major suppliers such as FLO and RVO to find as much as I could within budget I had a short list of lots of Skywatcher telescopes, namely the Skyhawk 1145p, the SW heritage 130p, Evostar 90 EQ2, Skymax 90, the 130p (EQ2) and the skyliner 150p. Given my house doesn't have much outdoor space and is surrounded by street lights and other houses I'm expecting to travel to get the best from my scope (current thought is possibly Buckstones car park, west of Huddersfield) so I'm looking for portability and something I can set up from the car without too much hassle. This led me to rule out the two Dobs as I'm not sure what I'd set them up on, as they would need a table/stand of some sort if I'm not mistaken. After that things have gotten trickier. Aperture would suggest going for the 130p on the EQ2 mount, but I'm wondering if this will be too big/heavy to be easily portable and I'm finding it hard to find accurate weights for all the scopes/tripods to help decide. I then ruled out the Skymax as the longer focal ratio means a narrow field of view and I'd like to at least attempt to view some DSO, but conversely the Skyhawk has a very short focal ratio so would be less forgiving on EPs and they both come with EQ1 mounts which seem like the least stable option available. This leaves me with the Evostar 90, does that sound reasonable, or is that also going to be harder to transport than I'm anticipating? I like the idea of it being good for planetary viewing, as that's where I'm likely to start with my observing, and splitting doubles sounds like a nice challenge which it sounds like the Evostar should be reasonable at doing but will I struggle with DSOs with this scope? Having read through Turn Left at Orion there seems to be a good range of DSOs that I'll at least get some enjoyment out of with the 90mm, and then I can always expand my collection if I decide I'd like a better view of them in the future. The evostar also leaves room in my budget for any accessories you'd recommend picking up to help with my stargazing. Thoughts would be much appreciated, thanks all. David
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