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  1. I didn't rate the focuser on my 130eq, it struggled to cope with the weight of eyepieces imo, and I fixed it by removing the drawtube and sticking a strip of duct tape to it lengthways. This fitted very snug and eliminated practically all drawtube wobble. I don't know if this will be good enough for photography, it worked brilliantly for visual but it's a very cheap fix, it's simple and takes about 5 minutes to do.Nice mount BTW.
  2. If I was making 1000 profit on something I'd try to come across as a good guy too.. LMFAO. What's the old saying about a fool and his money is easily parted again?
  3. If you want to waste your money that is entirely up to you. But thumbscrews can be bought for a fraction of the price in many places. My local hardware shop sells them for £1 each.
  4. I've not used these exact ones so I cant be 100% certain but read post 32 on page 2.
  5. A Bob's knobs secondary kit for a skywatcher 200p costs £20.95 from RVO. http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/bobs-knobs-skywatcher-newtonian-secondary-collimating-thumbscrews.html Whereas they cost £2.34 if you pick them up from the link I provided earlier so I think it's safe to say we're being ripped off.
  6. I bought some Bob's knobs for my primary and they're no different to any other thumbscrews. We're just being ripped off when we buy them.
  7. M4 x 30 knurled thumb screws for 78p each. https://www.cromwell.co.uk/GAN4255001E I'm not sure how much delivery is but there are a lot of these shops in the UK. https://www.cromwell.co.uk/index.php?q=0&p=b2c_branches&s=branches
  8. I live just down the road from you in Nuneaton, and I'm certain a couple of people from an astronomical society I go to live in Atherstone so there's a few of us about. Send me a pm if you ever want to go observing.
  9. I've been thinking about adding springs to my 200p, it uses o-rings instead, but I've been unsure what size springs to get so this seems as good a place to ask if anybody knows? The lazy susan mod is the best thing I've done to my dob too. http://stargazerslou...e/#entry1376145
  10. My apologies if this thread is in the wrong place. If it is feel free to move it mods. I recently decided to replace the mirror cell on my 200p so I bought an Optical Supports Mirror Cell, but I have since found that while it fits my tube it pushes the mirror about 2" further up the tube if I use the original holes (which, if I'm correct, is less than ideal) and the tube isn't long enough to drill any new holes further down. So I was wondering if anybody else had fitted one of these to their scope and if you had any advice on fitting it in the correct place?
  11. Here's a picture in case anybody is interested.
  12. I bought one and converted my 200p into a flextube the other week. All the holes are in the same place so it is a simple case of stripping the 200p down and rebuilding it.
  13. I really wish it was a case if me being over critical but I have found that you're far more likely to ruin your collimation with one of these (I already have) because it doesn't give repeatable results. You could place mine in a perfectly collimated scope and it would tell you in needs collimating (in a different way) every time you put it in. You could end up going round in circles with it forever IMO, like a dog chasing it's tail.
  14. I only wanted a laser so I could easily check and collimate my 12" scope in the dark, if needs be, because my arms aren't long enough either. IMO the hotech simply isn't reliable enough though. TBH I've about given up on the hotech now, I've spent too much money because of it and given it too much of my time already, so I'm thinking about cutting my losses altogether and ordering a 2" Howie Glatter laser and tublug when I'm next off work. I'll let you know how they compare if I do.
  15. I have fitted it a moonlite focuser to one of my scopes because I thought that might be the problem (it made no difference) and I have tried the hotech in 3 different scopes and it didn't give repeatable results in any of them...
  16. I'm not convinced I should have to do any of this on a brand new product, especially considering it's price, so its going in the drawer with all my other useless rubbish and I shall simply advise everyone not to bother buying them... Neither will I buy anything of the vendor again, which is a shame for them because I've recently spent about £1500 in their shop.
  17. Both adjustments are wrong. If I collimate my scope using the hotech it will say it is fine, then all I have to do is take ir out and reinsert it and it will say it is off and I need to adjust the primary and secondary again. Which leads me to believe it is useless and a complete waste of money and time.
  18. I bought a hotech the other week, after reading all the glowing reviews here, and I have been unable to get "precise, repeatable results" with it so far. If I collimate my scope to what it says is right and reinsert the hotech it tells me I need to collimate the scope again, and a quick check with a Cheshire usually confirms that both attempts were wrong anyway... At first I thought it might have been my focuser, the shop I bought it from says you need a decent focuser on their website, but I think we can rule that out because I've just spent almost £300 on a moonlite and it's still the same. I've also bought some 2 and 1.25 self-centering adapters and I've had no joy with those either. Has anybody got any idea what I'm doing wrong or is the hotech basically an expensive piece of junk? It appears so to me.
  19. I'm not sure where the best place to get them is but I had a new hole drilled and tapped in a focuser the other day and I'm using a small m4 bolt for the time being.
  20. I think he must be smoking too much of whatever it is he's been using these to grow... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400W-Grow-Lights-Ballast-Reflectors-Job-Lot-Indoor-Growing-Hydroponics/290774241463?ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1&ih=019&category=43555&cmd=ViewItem
  21. I own the rs-324 alloy 4 section tripod and, if I'm honest, I wouldn't expect it to be much of an upgrade. If at all. Although I must admit I've never used a horizon tripod. I'm just imagining there wouldn't be much in it, either way. Don't get me wrong, it's a good photo tripod. I'm just not sure whether it's worth spending the money upgrading for no reason. I upgraded my 324 to a cheap wooden surveyor's tripod (£30 brand new off ebay) and the difference between the two (stability, wobbles, weight...) is night and day.
  22. I'm sure I could but I'd sooner buy a new set with rounded edges than mess about sawing them. I'm happy with them as they are though and I can't see me replacing them any time soon.
  23. <p> Having bought them I think 30mm might be the best size. 25mm is too short imo, the secondary holder(?) is 20mm and there is a couple of mm gap between that and the mirror so that doesn't leave much scope for adjustment (if you'll pardon the pun). My 25mm thumb screws only just touched the mirror. And 35 is a bit long imo. They work fine but they just look a bit long... if I'm ever feeling a bit flush I might change them for some 30mm screws. Sorry about the large picture. I tried changing the size in photobucket but it wouldn't work.
  24. <p> I bought some of these. http://www.wdsltd.co...rew-Metric-919/ They cost about £11 with postage so they're not much cheaper than bob's but I just cant force myself to pay £13 for 3 plastic thumb screws.
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