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  1. Surprisingly I had no issues when I first took the scope outside at around 2230. As soon as I had aligned the Telrad properly I immediately had sharp images of the moon by 2240. It was about ninety minutes later when the temperature dropped that the moisture started to appear on the tube and EP.
  2. Thanks to all for the responses. I already have Stellarium and Virtual Moon. Having now looked at the relative position of Jupiter to Saturn I think it is more likely that I saw Mars last night and not Jupiter as Gnomus suggested. Jupiter was most likely the one obscured by trees that I couldn't get a clear line of sight at. Mak the Night - On the photo you have posted, my Barlow is the large one on the right of the shot. I'll persevere with it for now and see how I get on.
  3. Hi I have just spent my first ever couple of hours with a scope (SW 8" Dob). I have had it for a couple of weeks but tonight was my first night of clear skies to put it to use. I'm happy to say it was well worth the wait. After a minor setup issue I started with great views of the moon at various magnifications and then decided to focus on a star directly below the moon. To my great surprise it turned out to be Saturn with clearly visible rings even through my 25mm EP. This I really did not expect during my first night. I also found Jupiter relatively easily but found it harder to discern as much detail as with Saturn. I then scanned around for some other objects. I thought I saw a double star in the handle area of the plough but I could be wrong. All this was almost directly under a street lamp too so I don't know what to expect when I move to some nearby darker areas. All in all I'm very pleased with my purchase but I do have some questions as follows: I found the Barlow Lens (Celestron Omni) quite difficult to use. It seemed like my eyelid or something kept blocking the view when compared to using the EP's without the Barlow. Is this normal or have I just bought a dud Barlow? I was quite surprised at how often I had to keep readjusting the scope to keep objects in view. I expected this with Jupiter and Saturn but even the moon moved relatively quickly across my field of vision. I guess the only way to combat this would be to use a tracker-type system? As the temperature dropped I noticed the image become slightly cloudy, I then noticed condensation on the main tube so I assumed there must have been some on the lens too causing the cloudyness. In this situation should I wipe the lens or not? I left it as it was tonight as it was time to come inside by then anyway. With Jupiter and Saturn I seemed to lose sharpness of the image with the 8mm lens compared to the 25mm. This was also the case with the moon albeit to a lesser extent. Is this normal? Thanks
  4. Hi Thank you all for the replies. I solved it in the end. It was simply a case of the Telrad not being fully aligned with the scope. I tweaked the direction of the scope whilst looking through the EP and managed to find the moon. I then adjusted the Telrad to match and all was well. The fuzzyness I was seeing initially was just light from the moon, not the moon itself. I have a few questions regarding my first night's observations but I'll start a new thread for those. Thanks again.
  5. Hi First night of clear skies since purchasing my new scope. Very clear view of the moon with the naked eye but with the scope I'm getting a blurry fuzzy mess. I have located the moon with the Telrad and through the BST 25mm EP I see the colour of the lunar surface so I assume it's aligned correctly. But I have no image definition whatsoever. Where am I going wrong? Thanks
  6. Hi So my scope has arrived (SW 8" Dob) and I have assembled it. It was a refurbed unit and came without a finder scope but I have purchased a Telrad as a replacement. Question 1: The Telrad came with sticky pads to attach to the scope, is this normal? I expected it to screw mount. Question 2: Whereabouts should I mount it? I assume I should leave the area directly behind the main finder scope mount free in case I ever purchase a regular finder scope, but if I mount the Telrad further around the mount to the opposite side of the scope to the EP it seems quite awkward to access, like I have to lean right over as well as get my face right against the OTA. Am I missing something? Question 3: Can anyone direct me to a tutorial of how to collimate my scope? I have a Cheshire collimating device. Many thanks
  7. Hi I have just taken delivery of my BST EP's from 365 Astrononmy. I ordered BST Starguiders 8mm & 25mm. The ones that have arrived do not say 'Starguider' anywhere on the unit itself or the packaging. They only say 8mm ED & 25mm ED. Are these the correct EP's or have I been sent the wrong ones? Many thanks
  8. Thanks for all the info in this thread. It has helped accelerate my understanding immensely.
  9. Having just joined a few days ago I have been overwhelmed by the helpful responses to my posts. I have already ordered my first scope and accessories and saved a lot of time and money by following the advice provided by the members here. At this moment in time I cannot think of any way to improve the site. 10/10
  10. Thanks all for the advice. I am about to order some BST Starguider EP's (8mm & 25mm) and a Celestron Omni Barlow and wondered if I should add a moon filter to the order. I'll leave it for now and see how I get on without first. Rich
  11. Hi Will I need a moon filter for lunar observations with my soon to arrive 8" Dob? I seem to remember reading somewhere that the brightness may be blinding without one. Many thanks Rich
  12. Thanks again to all who have contributed to this thread. What I have purchased so far is as follows: 8" SW Skyliner 200P Dob Celestron Eyepiece Kit (5 x EP's, 1 x Barlow, 6 x Filters) Telrad Attachment Chester Collimating Tube I think the Dob advert said it comes without a finder, I was assuming the Telrad replaced this but apparently not. Any tips on which finder to purchase? Do I need anything else to get started? I will download the Sourceforge software packages as recommended above this evening. Thank you to those who suggested these. I must say that the amount of kit I have got here for under £375 is very pleasing. I am expecting delivery of this lot tomorrow. Any further tips greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for such a great informative post Starboy. At £180 for the 8" Dob in A1 condition I could not resist the value on offer there, I have just purchased it!! I notice you advise the 12, 15 & 18mm EP's, on the link you have provided there is a 12, 15 and 25mm but no 18? Am I correct in thinking the Telrad you recommend replaces the finder that was stated as 'missing' from the Scope on AstroBoot?
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