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  1. I have a couple of strange question's.

    Like most people on here I've been looking at scopes on the web and we seem to pay more for our scopes than other countries.

    My first question is, can we get a scope shipped into the UK and will it work the same? I would assume that if you buy a none motorised/none goto scope everything is the same.

    My second question is, can we get a goto scope shipped into the UK and will the goto work?

    I have family which live in the USA and could get one shipped across cheaply.

    Thanks for your help


  2. Hi Richard

    Did you get in touch with the H.E.R.A.S?

    I also live in Hull and would like to start gazing. I looked into it a while back but due to jobs and money I've been unable to buy a scope. I'm currently using binoculars which is good to start with. My only problem is some light pollution and some trees.

    Let me know how you get on


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