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  1. Thanks so much for warm words guys. i will try to do my best next time
  2. Im sorry for this stupid thread but i just have to share this with someone! My first "astro" pic in my life. Taken during very very quick test of my telescope yesterday (through the clouds!) . Taken with nokia n96. 8mm celestron zoom (without barlows obviously) next time im gonna play with it much more (i just havent had time yesterady) I love this star gazing every day more and more PS: dont you think it look a bit small with 8mm? i have seen some photos which were taken with 20mm and the moon looks much bigger. thanks for advice guys
  3. Hi there. Im total newbie so my opinin doesnt have to have weight but in my eyes it is absolutely superb. I bought it about 2 weeks ago and i already had very good time with it. Small,light,transportable,well built. The views are excelent if you have good view conditions. On the other side i have nothing else to compare it with, but i definitely got what i wanted. If you are lookng for good starter scope as i was then go for it without hesitation. Clear Skies
  4. Thanks a lot guys. Usefull tips. will definitely follow them. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for tips guys. Unfortunately i dont have a car at the moment (will buy one again in about a year) . So im trying to find a suitable bag/rucksack/shoulderbag. Seems to be harder than i thought. Clear Skies
  6. Hi All im trying to find a safe way how to carry my little Dob into the woods. Anyone have any experience with this? What kind of bag/cover would you recommend please? And would you separate the Tube from the mount or not? Thanks very very much for advices. Clear Skies
  7. Yeah . the reason for zooms is that now when i manage to find something... it is gone till i swap the eps. with zoom i believe i will have bigger chance to keep it in sight . by the way where can i buy camel hair fabric??? google found nothing
  8. Guys, i just accidentally bought Celestron Zoom 8-24mm . Ebay. 59£ . and light filter as well. Skywatcher LPF. 19£ Now im really looking forward to those frosty winter nights. Nebulas here i come ! Clear Skies to you ALL :--)
  9. By the way. I would really need some help with choosing the right EPs... I have 10&25 + 2x Barlows. As i said before i couldnt use barlows for Jupiter because of the wind. With 65x (10mm) i was able to see it very clearly but very very tiny (which is alright). What EPs would you buy if you have my gear (SW Heritage 130p) . I mean for observing Jupiter as big and clear as possible. My budget is not more than 60-70£ for an EP. Thanks a lot PS: If you have to choose between Celestron zooming EP or Skywatcher zooming EP what would you take? cheers
  10. OOOOO YEEEAAAHHH few minutes ago i returned from my first true astro experience in my life. took my week old SW Heritage 130p and went to my friends garden. Weather was awful. Very strong wind almost blew my scope but...... IT WAS GREAAAT . I managed to see Jupiter and its 4 moons in the middle of Southampton with all these lights around me. I managed to use just 65x because everytime when i tried to use my barlows i wasnt able to focus. Anyway just wanted to share my happines with you people. Have a greaaat evening Shartep out
  11. Cheers guys for plenty of responses. I think i will rather invest into some nice ultra wide 30 or 40mm Ep. Personally i have no problem with swapping EPs if that means at least a bit better quality. i got very cheap telescope so i dont wanna degrade it even more .So yeah as i said im going for ultrawide 30-40 .If you got some spare send me pm and maybe i will buy it. cheers folks Clear Skies to you All ps: i will definitely buy zooms as well, but a bit later
  12. Than you all for valuable comments. i wont buy it. i will rather wait for a set of good EPs . Thanks again :---)
  13. Goood Evening to you all Im just about to buy Celestron 8-24mm zooming EP. Is there a reason why i shoudnt do it? Will the quality be degraded (comparing to normal EP) . ATM im using standart EPs supplied with scope (Heritage 130p) . Im very gratefull for any comments. Thanks a lot CS
  14. Whoa . Im sorry guys i didnt want to create such confusion . I was simply leaning over the telescope because i had to. there was no access from the other side. Anyway im glad that this mystery is sorted :D:D. What a awful day in work i had. Now praying for clear skies tomorrow night. GN
  15. no i havent. all i used was my 25mm eyepiece fitted....... now when im thinking about it i can remember that i was looking into it from the right side of the scope..... normaly i would be standing from the left side. So afterall its my own stupidity
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