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  1. Loving this little light bucket more and more! I really do need to learn how to process though. I also desperately need a coma corrector. NGC6888 Crescent Nebula. Unmodified Canon 6D, Optolong CLS filter, 121 x 180s lights @1600 ISO 20 x darks, flats and bias, SW 130PDS EQ5 Pro T7C guide cam SVBony SV165 guide scope DSS x2 drizzle, Gimp and PS (I had a lot of assistance with the processing a big thanks to jenastro from the Astrbiscuit discord) Also a quick shout of to @Spaced Outwho sold me his PDS .
  2. Looking for a Baader Mk3 or a Skywatcher CC or similar, it is dropping into a 130PDS so I could do with it not protruding too far into the tube. Thanks
  3. Finally feel worthy enough posting my first proper nebula image shot from a Bortle 8. NGC7000 North America Nebula. Unmodified Canon 6D, Optolong CLS filter, 33 x 180s lights, 20 x darks, flats and bias, SW 130PDS EQ5 Pro T7C guide cam SVBony SV165 guide scope DSS, Gimp and PS (I had a little assistance with the processing from AstroN3RD on the Astrobiscuit discord)
  4. Thanks, sadly they are actually a higher profile than the one already on there, I need to lose about 10mm from the train to get focus (TS sits at 55mm from the tube) which means the only practical option is a Moonlite which is just more than i wanted to run with for now.
  5. Yeah I was really impressed with it for visual stuff it's just a shame I cant get my DSLR to focus up or I'd keep it, it's so lightweight compared to a P or PDS that I could have used it on my EQ5 pro for imaging.
  6. Originally bought from an SGL member ( @ScouseSpaceCadet ) just a couple of weeks ago. I had planned on using this scope for Astrophotography however with a DSLR I can't quite achieve inward focus. I had planned on modifying the tube but it is just too good of a scope to do that with, the optics are lovely and bright and for visual use it really is very good and should go to a home where it will be appreciated for that use. 150i OTA, modified: removed standard dovetail and added Orion tube rings, TS-Optics 1.25" Crayford focuser installed, collimation knobs added to the secondary. In
  7. Looking for a 130PDS if anyone has one they would like to move on to a loving home. Based in Milton Keynes, happy to cover postage etc.
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