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  1. Hi all, just want to know if anybody else saw this tonight! I was out side having a ciggy tonight, and at 6:02pm (Jan 18th) i saw a very bright light, about the magnitude of jupiter and half the size moving north, flashing several times a second but also changing direction left to right very quickly, it was moving about a fingers width every half second. there is a telegraph pole in my garden, so i stood behind that to make sure it wasn't just me and sure enough it would disappeare behind the pole and then come out again every half second!! I see satalites here every night and it was definatly
  2. Thanks for the ideas, i've used the three bright object alignment before and still no luck, when i'm aligning i use a 25mm eyepeice, i'll have a crack at putting the scope on my patio (normaly take it in to a feild behind my house because i can see 360 degrees there!) so it has a solid surface, and have another go at using some of the other alignment options again. the odd thing was, my friend has an eq6 for imaging, we set them up side by side (in the feild) and used the exact same data, time and stars etc, his was absolutly fine!
  3. Hi guys! id really appreciate some help on a problem i've been having, i've got a little celestron nexstar 114slt and i can't seem to get the goto working for love or money! I've been intrested in astronomy for about two years and have a basic understanding, can find bout 20 m objects and the easy planets with a dob but when i try to set the goto up it doesent play ball. my normal routine is: Get the scope level, Pick two star align enter in the time, date, longitude and lattitude, daylight savings etc(i'm 99% sure these are all right) and align to two stars (i normaly pick deneb first and ve
  4. thanks for the info, i'll stick to the open clusters for now then, which look great through the scope! i'm pretty lucky and live in the countryside so no light pollution:D :Dmight have a little hunt about on ebay for a nice big dob!
  5. Hi everybody, just wondering if sombody can help me with observing globular clusters, all i ever see is a small blob, can't resove any stars, i can find m13, 3 and 15 and it's the same with all of them!, using a 4inch scope with a 25 and 9mm ep, also a 2x and 3x barlow. A friend showed me m13 through his 8inch scope in a 2x barlow and it was a stunning sight! Any comments or tips how you observe or what with, would be grealy appricianted! cheers!
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