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  1. First attempt at any DSO was this last week when I finally got my Nikon D5300 after saving up a bit. Really pleased with what I was able to accomplish for a first image, and even more ecstatic considering I shot it from my apartment balcony in an Atlanta, GA suburb. Hoping to get further away from the city one weekend when it's not cloudy. Feel free to critique! Nikon D5300 & Celestron 102mm refractor. 120x15s at 100 ISO w/ 60 darks
  2. Just purchased my first scope which is a NexStar 127 SLT Mak, and it's very compact and provides great views. Able to see rings of Saturn and colored bands on Jupiter along with all 4 moons from the balcony of my apartment in northern Atlanta and dealing with lots of light pollution. In terms of portability of the actual scope, it's fantastic and would be great for camping, but the only downside is powering the motorized mount, which will require a bunch of batteries or a Power Pack and a cord adapter. In that regard it's slightly less portable (I read it eats through 8 AA batteries pretty qui
  3. I was messing with my new NexStar last night and discovered how to do it, but currently away from my scope so apologies if this is wrong, and I'll try to update with more accuracy later. Also might be a different remote system as I'm using a 127 Mak Hit the Align button, then hit back button a couple times to get back into the location and time setup, keep hitting Back until you find an option along the lines of "list of cities", then scroll down to "Custom" or "Manual" location. Then hit enter to input your location
  4. Thanks, Doug! Did a decent bit of research before getting it! I've only used it from the balcony of my apartment so far, which made viewing fairly shaky until I thought to put folded towels under the tripod legs, which helped considerably. So far I find it to be amazing. Hoping to test it's true capacity this weekend if it's not too cloudy and if I am get far enough away from ATL city lights, assuming I get my power supply today. No, I have not been...yet. moved to Atlanta a year ago, so still learning all the cool places to visit. I'll definitely add it to the top of my list though!
  5. Hey everyone! I recently decided to get into observing with a telescope after many years looking at the stars with my naked eye, and have always had an itch to get a nice telescope ever since looking through my grandfather's Newtonian when I was a kid. So now that I have some money for the hobby, I'm excited to say I was finally able to see the rings of Saturn last night with my first scope, a Celestron NexStar 127 SLT Maksutov-Cassegrain. Holy gas giants, Batman, that was a thrill! Needless to say, I'm in love with this hobby. This site is great and seems like a really cool communit
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