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  1. A bloomin' steep one too. One step at a time. You have the 2 best in the realm helping you in Robin and Andrew. You couldn't buy better advice! Stu
  2. Hi Nigella, The 3rd image is correct but not because of your cropping. On the 1st and 2nd image, only the 0 Order (obviously) and the Hb line at 486.1 are correct. The other points are incorrect which has thrown the calibration out, and therefore why the absorbtion features at the red end don't line up correctly. Calibration point 04 on the first and 06 on the second is the response of the camera and not a spectral feature. As you learn to see the Hydrogen lines in A type stars, this becomes more obvious though so keep it up, you're doing great. Also, when you do your calibrating in BASS, the number in the box which says "RMS error" should be as small as possible. Stu
  3. You may need the guiding and calibration module on top of that which bumps the price up - https://www.shelyak.com/categorie-produit/debuter-en/alpy-en/?lang=en I'd look at 3D printing a UVEX, I think the optics come in at 400 quid or so, looks to be an excellent spectragraph too.
  4. Yes, but shown here at 24th mag - https://theskylive.com/289P-info and 19.3 here at https://www.heavens-above.com/comet.aspx?cid=289P& I'm picking it must be a mis-report from the MPC as no one is imaging it etc...
  5. I posted similar on Cloudy Nights regarding the above anomoly I had today. I use a fresh MPC download for comet positions in CdC when i'm researching my society newsletter. I set a limit to 12th magnitude. Africano showed up as expected, but curving through Aquarius at 8th magnitude was 289P/Blanpain! I haven't come across this before from the MPC. I guess errors are inevitable but should I report it? Stu
  6. Yes, a non gritty bathroom cleaner works well with a q-tip and gentle wiping. The glass came up as good as new.
  7. I bought a spare lens cap to fit the lens I use and drilled a 1.25" hole in the centre. Cost about 4 quid. Worked great!
  8. Spend way less than $600 on a pair of 20x50 or 70 binoculars and a monopod to rest them on...plus a good star map and red light...Find out if you have the bug for astronomy truly first. You and other could learn some constellations and scan the beautiful sky making your own memories as you go. Dress warm too, wear a hat, nothing clever about being cold... If you don't like, you can use binoculars for normal viewing, sell them etc...
  9. Hi LILYDENISE, You and significant other will get many hours of enjoyment with an 8 or 10" Dobsonian. Light, easy to transport and just superb to share an astronomy journey together. Get a good sky chart book, a red wrapper over your headlamp and you will never look back. Welcome and nice job asking in the forums too! Stu
  10. @Carbon Brush yeah, I have always seen the same stuff, enough to be swept along so to speak. No need to overthink things at all. Back to enjoying the stars, stress free.
  11. Thanks for that. So Gina, your mains to 13.8vdc inverter is wired directly to a switch, on to your battery terminals and onto the equipment supply board? I'm after a UPS system and have seen similar, but via a charger to the battery.
  12. So to hop in, how do you wire the batteries into the curcuit Gina, to make the continuous power supply? Does your equipment run off the battery which is connected to a mains charger or something like that?
  13. https://arcscience.com/dance-of-the-planets/ One google search, although why bother to be brutally honest. This coming from a chap with an 80's gaming reference in his avatar
  14. I use a 5mm piece of red perspex cut to the laptop screen size. Cost about $10 and works great, especially on the original daytime settings of your screen. Easy.
  15. Hi Ken, The scope is nearly 10 years old so Lunt won't replace the glass. It is a very cheap fix anyway so that's no problem. Quote from my conversations with them directly - "we have heard of a few customers having success with CLR (Calcium Lime Rust- Bathroom Cleaning Product) and products akin to it. As well, it is possible to take a new straight razor and scrape off the coating though that tends to make people a little more uncomfortable than not" I'm off to buy some bathroom cleaner and a razor blade
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