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  1. Thanks for that. The 12th August occultation is visible in the North Island of NZ only so may have to travel, I'll see if the boss wants a road trip! The next one I'm aiming for is on the 2nd November, but will be in daylight. This one is 10 days before the transition of Mercury too!
  2. Prism will handle all this - https://www.hyperion-astronomy.com/ Absolutely fantastic, comprehensive software. And I don't work for them.
  3. Here it is, Moon overexposed to show Saturn better. C9.25 and DMK camera. Seeing was terrible too. Saturndis.mp4
  4. The disappearance will be on the lit side -your Moon picture is upside down for southern hemisphere.
  5. Hi Carole. Glad you got sorted. I'd blot out (or remove) your obsy location. Just got my security hat on...
  6. Hi Helen, If you decide to switch software, can I recommend Prism v10. Better than MaxIm IMHO...https://www.hyperion-astronomy.com/pages/the-value-of-prism Stu
  7. Hello fellow astronomers, Proudly announcing the southern hemispheres NZ astronomy main event opening every Sunday from 7.30 pm, from the 7th April. We welcome visitors and can accommodate you in our beautiful, dark, southern town. Please contact dunedin.astronomy@gmail.com Kia Ora! p.s This is Dunedin, New Zealand, not Dunedin, FL!
  8. Prism does indeed support ZWO cameras via ASCOM. As for Audela, it just works. Stu
  9. Have a look at freeware Audela too - http://audela.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/en/start and Prism if you want to pay!? https://www.hyperion-astronomy.com/
  10. Astro baby is great. I think you should have a go and maybe do a regrease anyway, certainly can't hurt. I did the Rowan belt mod at the same time and it's great. Good luck, Stu
  11. If you loosen off the RA and DEC setting circles with the small thumbscrews, do they turn freely or bind slightly? If they bind, you may need to strip the mount down and examine the shims. It's probably worth stripping it down anyway to have a look at what the previous owner did (polar scopes shouldn't have grease on). Nothing is "seriously wrong", as stated above. The process is simple and is well explained at http://www.astro-baby.com/EQ6 rebuild guide/EQ6 Strip Down Home.htm. A nice clean and re-grease with TF2 is just the ticket! Stu
  12. Hi Scott. The Telegizmo scope covers are excellent and will weatherproof your stuff in all seasons, no need to take down your gear - http://www.telegizmos.com/ As for remote planetary stuff, go for something like the ASI 224MC for image acquisition and the rest depends on how far away you are! EQMOD and powered USB cables will work over "shorter" distances...
  13. A good way of getting an artificial star is to use a small ball bearing blue-tacked onto a black piece of card and placed a way away, or use a glint of an insulator on a pylon. For great focus AND collimation, make a 50 pence Duncan Mask, have a look at http://alpha-lyrae.co.uk/2013/12/31/schmitt-cassegrain-collimation-made-easy-using-a-duncan-mask/ You really need your scope to be cooled down sufficiently (to make getting the "Y" nicely together) but I'll never use another method. Perfect on the first go.
  14. Welcome to Astronomy Starlord! You're Dad left you a great gift man, not only in the C5 but an interest in the universe. TBH, if you want to get into astronomy, get a guidebook (or Sky and Telescope magazine) and a pair of 10x50 binoculars and learn your way around the constellations. There's no fun pulling a smartphone out of your pocket with an app to tell you where you're looking. If you want to look closer, hey, you have a C5 for extra magnification. Also, as long as you mark everything up on the corrector plate (i.e, put stuff EXACTLY where you find it), cleaning it is a breeze. Just Google "cleaning a corrector plate". Enjoy your hobby man. Stu
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