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  1. Hello, I own a truss-tube (or collapsible) 8" Skywatcher Dob. I just wanted to ask, How do I know that the Rigel finder will fit onto my telescope. I have a 50mm right now, which I do not like due to it being right angled. Someone elsewhere said the telrad would be too large/long to fit on my collapsible dob. Help.
  2. Woah, Thanks for all the great ideas and how 'the moon kills DSO', specially when it is nearly full. Thanks
  3. Hello, Ever since I have gotten my 8" Dob, I have been trying to find DSOs. I had success with my much smaller refractor in suburban skies. So tonight (just came back), I saw that the moon and the Omega Nebula appeared to be aligned linearly horizontally. So, I decided to look through my finder scope and find the moon, then swing over to the right to find the nebula, but I did not find anything. Could it be because of my finder scope? It is a right angled finder, which I am not sure if it is oriented or not. The finder scope is the same one that came with the telescope, Skywatcher 8" Collapsible (all white). Please help, really wanna find DSOc
  4. Alright thanks all for submitting your ideas on what to buy, but do you think that 5/6/7mm, 10mm, 25mm are enough? Should I get a lower powered one (35mm?) or is that not necessary?
  5. Hello, I just bought an 8 Inch Sky-Watcher Collapsible Dobsonian and it comes with its 10mm and 25mm Super Plossls (52 degree fov). I was wondering which ones I should get to expand my arsenal. This may include barlows. Currently, with the 10mm, I do not get "close" enough to Jupiter/Saturn, so I would like something more powerful. Also, I plan to see DSO's and planets. My budget would be $50-$100. Thanks.
  6. Hello all, I think I may have found a bargain on kijiji, but I need to ask you all whether you have used this telescope and if it is worth buying for $300. I know from my research that this is an old Meade S-C but I need to know if it is any good. Also what should I look for when I go to check this 'scope out. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-hobbies-craft/barrie/meade-telescope-model-2080/1171242090?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Thanks
  7. Here are the links for the telescopes I am looking for review(s) for, http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/meade-meade-polaris-130mm-reflecting-telescope-polaris-130/10404911.aspx?path=1f728adfcccd24fb6baa5b80fb200f86en02 http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/celestron-celestron-astromaster-130eq-md-telescope-31051/10382472.aspx?path=4264beb18051b92a95847f9e5beaa8e8en02 ^also is the motor drive accurate on the Celestron Astromaster as shown in the link^ Also could I do astrophotography with the MD (about 30 or more seconds?) Thanks
  8. I understand that, but just need to know a few more details like if the design is better in these 3 other telescopes. Some one else who owns the meade(s). Thanks Knighty2112
  9. Hello All, I recently upgraded from a department store 50mm refractor and got the Celestron Powerseeker 127Eq, but after researching a bit more, I have found out that there are problems in the design of this reflector (Barlow lens built-in). I am currently comparing the Meade Polaris 130EQ, Celestron Astromaster 130EQ and Meade Polaris 127EQ. I just need to know any important details about all 3 of them and know which is the best choice (mount, its setting circles, optics, EPs, etc). I want to know if there are any design problems that come with it (like the C P 127EQ). I would be also be glad to know about how well these telescopes can track celestial objects and if their setting circles are accurate. I know these are a wholesome amount of question, but this will be my first "real" telescope and I hope on using it for the next couple of years, Thanks a lot!!
  10. Hello all, After having understood how to align my eq mount, I will now attempt to collimate my telescope. The only problem is that at the back of the primary mirror there are 6 screws and I dont know which of the 3 I can turn to collimate the primary mirror. 3 of the screws are not fully screwed in, like the one in the picture and the other 3 are screwed in. I just want to know which screws to turn to align the mirror, Thanks
  11. Hello, and I would like to thank all those who have, (and will ) answer my questions. I have previously owned a 50mm departement refractor and now have Celestron PS 127Eq. I have been watching a few videos on how to use it but they are really confusing and seem pretty difficult. Do you guys know any good video for a beginner? if so thanks
  12. Hello, I need some help quickly concerning the Sky Watcher Traditional 8" Dob from Canadian Telescopes @ http://www.canadiantelescopes.com/shop-by-type/dobsonians/sky-watcher-traditional-8-dobsonian-with-free-2x-barlow-31020.html. Is this telescope worth it and is it of good quality? Also in comparison with the Orion 8" Dob how would it stack up. The Sky Watcher is cheaper but is it worth it? Does anyone know if Canadian Telescopes is a reliable site to ship from? Thanks Alot for your help, Clear skies
  13. Hello, recently bought this telescope which comes with 2 eyepieces already (the same one of celestons website), so I was wondering if you guys could help me choose another eyepiece flr this particular telescope around the $100 range. I want to look at planets but also dso, thanks. Also which ×2 or ×3 barlow lens I should get for about $50 with this combination of 3 eyepieces.
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