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  1. Sounds easier than my experience. I thought I'd found it through the finder quite easily with a quick star hop. However I then decided it didn't look planet like enough - not sure what I was expecting, it didn't look very planety in kielder either. I then proceeded to star hop to it twice via different routes. This turned into 20mins of checking and double checking Stellerium on my upside phone (I don't have a raci so this makes it easier) I then pushed the mag to check I got a disk (it seemed very wibbly last night which made it difficult to decide if i was focussed when on the higher mags).
  2. Good to hear people got out tonight. Had a decent hour and half out in the garden, managed to track down Uranus and a few other sights. Happy days
  3. Turned out to be a great weekend with a good mix of beer and telescopes - in that order It was certainly worth the effort and the risk of loosing a wheel/sump on the way up! Big thanks to Soupy for organising and hosting. Really appreciate it. Afraid I couldn't make the social tonight but the pub was definitely the best option as they've been muck spreading on he fields yesterday and Overton currently smells like a farm yard. Rich.
  4. Was out earlier trying to track down Neptune - no joy there. Seems very hazey tonight with the sky looking particularly milky so might not bother tonight unless it improve at all.
  5. Sorry to hear about all the probs last night. Managed to get out for a good session for the first time in ages, went out about 10.30 to nice clear skies!! Hit M42, M36, M37 and the starfish cluster. What a difference an extra 4"of apature makes!! Nothing wrong with the old 4.5" scope but wow the 8" dob makes a big difference!!! Tried star hopping to M78 and the cone nebula but failed miserably! My drawing of M78 turned out to be a drawing of the stars I was supposed to be hopping past more practice required.... Forecast says fog tonight but you never know!
  6. The BBCs definition of clear seems a little ropey!!! Hope you have a good night at Winscar. Currently cloudy in Overton but hopefully will clear later so I can get the scope out for a an hour or two.
  7. Yeah my first time for yonks!! Looking good tonight, just had my first 'proper' view of Venus!!
  8. Awww shucks, borrowing a friends camper to go visiting the in-laws this weekend so won't be around. Shame coa i like a spot of solar observing. Hope the Sun shines for you, there have been some awesome sunsets this past week and the moon as annoying as it is for deep sky stuff has been putting on some awesome displays!!
  9. Sleeping bags with either camp chairs or a roll mat. Doesn't get much better and its nice not to have worry about kit and the like. Can just lay back and enjoy the show
  10. Well just in from a good night and my first proper night out with my new scope! Seeing was ok but a bit wobbly at times. Started with a bang as I managed to track a particularly bright ISS pass in the scope no less, I didn't think it would be possible given the speed it moves at but was surprisingly easy with the dobbo mount! Started with the coat hanger then picked up the ring nebula for the second time (views through Damian's scope don't count!!) Before moving onto the dumbbell nebula, followed by M71. I then did some random scanning and found something which looked like a smaller ring
  11. Aye, scope is out cooling. Looking nice and clear for once!!
  12. Will be out in Overton tomorrow night if the forcast holds. Am dog sitting so can't travel out but its not too bad from the backyard if i can avoid the neighbours horrific security light.....
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