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  1. I am on a budget but I found a SXi Canon with live view. Thank you all for the help!
  2. Even though there are high thin clouds outside I have the scope on the deck cooling off. hope to see in between.. lol

  3. I usually go out with 4 or 5 semi difficult targets in mind. I Usually will hit my favorites after finding, or occasionally not finding, my original targets. I have to say the satisfaction comes from the view not the hunt. Also, after I have found the favorites, i'll usually focus on a small piece of sky I don't know. I just starhop and check out what's in between and then I come in and look at the star chart to try and learn what I've seen. I always draw the area I just looked at and put dots for the stars I could see with my naked eye, a circle with a line through it for the stars I co
  4. Nicely done! I am going to direct my friend, who is interested in buy a scope, right here.
  5. You at least need a Cheshire tool. Its really not that hard once you understand what you are looking at through the focuser. This video does a pretty good job of explaining what you'll need to know..
  6. I made this light shroud out of a black moving blanket and a coathanger.. Works really well.
  7. Hoping for clear skies tonight.. Happy viewing to all!!

  8. That's horrible. I hope you are able to recover your property.
  9. I am a fairly seasoned observer but totally green to astrophotoraphy. I am setting up my 8" Dobson to do some planetary photography and am on a budget. Id like to also use the camera for wide field night sky shots. I have found two cameras close by, that I can afford, and was wondering if anyone could tell me which of the two would be my best choice. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Also, you might measure the distance from the secondary holder to the inside of the ota on each spider vane. They should be the same on each and if not that may put the secondary where it is in the photo.
  11. I love this and use it all the time. Hope it helps. http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm
  12. Well thank you all so much! I am glad to be here! I do really love my Scope. I own the Skywatcher Collapsible and I move it in and out each time i use it and it always seem to hold its collimation. I just added a telrad this month and it is much easier finding the piece of sky I am looking for! I live near the sub base, the coast Guard Academy, General Dynamics, and a lot of retail reflective light so I'm dying to get the scope out to dark skies. Seems like its been nothing but pea soup as of late. I di get up last night and despite the glare from the moon I was able to pick out the ring
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