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  1. Thanks for your reply Brantuk, When I bought the 'scope I also purchased a set of Celestron Explorer eye pieces, are these any good or should I be looking to upgrade? (I only bought them as a certain online shop recommended them!) If as I suspect you advise I upgrade could you give me any pointers as to quality equipment? Thanks again, Mick.
  2. Thanks Helen, As it's the biggest planet in our solar system I think I was expecting it to fill my field of view! Guess I'll just have to save up and buy hubble 2. Thanks again, Mick.
  3. Hi all, Due to the weather I haven't really progressed and I'm still unsure if there is a problem with my CPC800 or if I'm just expecting too much, can you help please? I managed to grab a hour tonight before the fog rolled in, once again Sky Align completed successfully and I chose Jupiter as a target. Even with a 9 mm eye piece (the max. mag. I have) & the tightest focus I could achieve tonight all I could see was a very small & featureless white "planet" with four pin pricks of light "orbiting" it that I guess could have been moons. Assuming my 'scope was pointing at Jupiter (it was pointing in roughly the right direction) should I not be seeing more with a scope of this size?! If I'm just expecting too much please let me know. Many thanks, Mick.
  4. Hi all, Quick question if you don't mind: When using Stellarium can anybody tell me if the cardinal points are in relation to true or magnetic north please? Only just downloaded the program and it's weeing down so I can't check. Many thanks, Mick.
  5. I'm with the Floyd vote, but one you may not have heard is "Jupiter Crash" by "The Cure" As usual for The Cure it works on more than one level, beautiful track IMHO. Mick.
  6. Thanks TJ, The mrs spoke to him today and has ordered all I require.
  7. Thanks Merlin, I already have a remote shutter release so it sounds like I'm good to go (apart from the fact that I haven't a clue what I'm doing!) Thanks again, Mick.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking to connect my Canon 400 DSLR to my Celestron CPC800, I've seen the "T Rings" available on FLO's website but was wondering if I will need anything else? T'other half is asking what I want for xmas so it seems the ideal time to ask! Many thanks, Mick.
  9. Thanks very much, Assuming the cloud cover stays away tomorrow I will have another play. Mick.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I am viewing through a diagonal and have tried every eyepiece that I have but can only focus with the 40mm, I'm sure it's me and not the scope but haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong. With a 40mm pointing at the moon the focus band seems to be about 1 turn, does it get much smaller as you up the power? Mick.
  11. Yes, I've gone lock to lock as it were, at this rate I would have been better sticking with my toy shop refractor!
  12. Hi all, Can you help a newbie in distress please? When I bought my 'scope (Celestron CPC 800) I got a "good" deal on a set of Celestron Plossl's ranging from the 40mm that came with the scope (the only one I've used succesfuly so far) down to 9mm. If my math is correct a 9mm eye piece with a focal length of 2000mm for the scope would give me a magnification factor of 222x. One of the primers I have read on this forum suggests that high magnification is good for viewing the planets, the moon etc. Problem is if I use any eye piece <40mm (or by my math 50x mag) I can't even focus on the moon! Please can someone explain what I'm missing please?! Many thanks, Mick.
  13. Thanks all, Will have a play if it ever stops raining! Mick.
  14. Hi all, Originally posted this in the equipment thread but I can't find it so forgive me if it pops up there as well. Last night was the first night I tried to use my Celestron in GOTO mode and it didn't go well. Once the GPS up dated it's self (confirmed lat and long are correct) I carried out the Sky Align procedure OK but when I went to use the Tour function I could see nothing but a few dim stars on each occasion. I tried to view a variety of objects including Jupiter, Uranus and The Andromeda Galaxy but in each instance it's as though the 'scope is looking at the wrong part of the sky. I think it may be something to do with Daylight saving as the internal clock is out by an hour but I'm not sure Any suggestions? Many thanks, Mick.
  15. Hi all, I wonder if anybody is able to help me, tried to use my 'scope in GOTO mode for the first time tonight and I feel like throwing it in a skip! Went in to the "Sky Align" menu, waited until I got the "GPS Fixed" message then successfully carried out the alignment process for three bright objects, great I thought, after browsing the available sights I selected Jupiter, Uranus and the Andromeda Galaxy and in all cases could see nothing but a few dim stars! I tried eye pieces down to 12mm going all the way through the focus settings but still nothing, can only assume that my 'scope is pointing in the wrong direction (too much of a newbie to know where things should be). Scope settings are as follows: GPS linked Time is displayed as being out by +1 hour. Universal time Daylight saving Position is shown as 2 deg 26 min 06 sec w x 53 deg 42 min 25 sec n my post code is BB3 3PA. Can anybody please tell me where I have been stupid please? Thanks, Mick.
  16. Thanks very much Steve, Gives me the starting point I need. Much appreciated, Mick.
  17. Hi, Newbie here, Still getting to grips with my new scope (Celestron CPC800) and as the weather is lousy I've been having a read about imaging which is my ultimate objective. At the moment I have a Cannon 400 DSLR which I think I've established would be a suitable starting point, I realise I'm going to need a wedge but when it comes to guiding I'm a bit lost (ok a lot). From what I've read off-axis guiders seem a bit of a 'mare so I think I'm going to need a guide scope and a guide camera. (Planning on concentrating on DSOS) Assuming I'm correct can anybody point me in the right direction for a suitable guide scope / camera for my setup please? Many thanks, Mick.
  18. stuck

    Hi From Lancashire

    Thanks to all for the very kind welcome. This must be the friendliest forum on the net, it's a credit to all of you! Mick.
  19. stuck

    Hi From Lancashire

    Cheers Coco, That's the model I've ordered, dying to start asking questions regarding mounting my Canon DSLR but think I'd best get used to the scope first! Mick.
  20. stuck

    Hi From Lancashire

    Thanks Dana. Seems to be a great friendly place. Mick.
  21. stuck

    Hi From Lancashire

    Thanks gents, Keith, I am near to the centre thanks! Do I just drop in or do I need to make an appointment? Do I bring my scope or just myself? Many thanks, Mick.
  22. Hello all, New to this excellent forum, at the grand old age of 37 it's 22 years since I owned a dubious 3" refractor on a camera tripod, then came girls, bikes, cars and beer in more or less that order. Have been observing with the naked eye for a couple of years now and have just taken the plunge and ordered a Celestron CPC (hoping I'll see some difference between this and my last scope!) Plan to take things slowly but aim to get into CCD astrophotography in the near future. Thanks for an inspiring forum with some great images. Mick.
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