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  1. Whatever the default is is what I use. I only enter a scale value and target name. Just discovered this, works great!
  2. Yes, nice stars out to edge. Good test! Looks great. Nice little scope.
  3. I just ordered the 72mm f/5.5 apo(doublet, we'll see....) along with the TS 0.79x ff/fr and appropriate spacers. ...... waiting for the weather.
  4. You can remove CA from your subs in Adobe Camera Raw before integration?
  5. Can you use a bad pixel map for a dark flat frame?
  6. Thanks much. I just sent magnificent guide camera back to orion for a new one. I could not reach focus, and stars were 3-lobed blobs. Also, the "camera settings" in phd2 ( just to the right of the brain), were unavailable and I had no gain control. I hope it was just the sensor. When i get replacement I'll det it up as you advise. Great share!
  7. I must put one on my 127mm APO ED triplet and see what I can stack. Does it stack on its own or do you have to process it on a computer? I think I read somewhere that it can't save files for transfer ? Great pics folks Thanks
  8. Does skybt work with ieq45pro and HC #8407+? I can't seem to get a straight answer from the source.
  9. Apologies, R2 Revolution camera/monitor kit
  10. When I ask myself if I'd pay $300 for an Eyepiece that woul let me see well in the city, I have to say yes. Even if only to see stuff from town when don't want to drive for an hour. The R2 is less than a quality eyepiece after all. It just makes sense and sounds fun. Would the R2 work well with the ES 127mm APO ED triplet at f/7.5? I've heard MAKs at f/15 are better? Thanks?
  11. Admittedly I've never looked through an aspheric 36mm so can't really say which is better. I had a TV 2" 40mm WF on my 8"SCT and it gave 50X, not super "low power" but very very nice. In my frac it is 23.8X and definitely low power. I think you meant the baader 36 72 bigger aFOV than aero40 68, only have owned 40 68 with 2032mm sct. My friend had a 32mm for his, which was wasn't very "low power" but was his low power eyepiece. I'm not sure if 4 degrees is that much to give or take, but the low power views should be pushed imho. I suppose it also depends on exit pupil demands, glasses and such. For me it worked out great. Next gathering I may hunt down an 8"cat and see what the ES40 68 looks like compared to the old TV40mm WF.
  12. I like how it stands out from the darkness
  13. Excellent first scope! You might want a 2X or 2.5X barlow that will double or so the power of each eyepiece. For your first targets try Saturn ( Mars is very disappointing this year at least for me, too low in the sky 4 high power), moon, and the double star albireo (beta Cygni), these can easily be found in your finder scope. My first DSO was m13 and not too hard to find and very rewarding. In time you will see more than you see now once your brain realizes it's not watching TV:)
  14. Well, how is it that an 80mm f/6 frac will see what a 127mm ED APO triplet will not. I'm confused? Also, the ultrablock is a UHC? That was my thought on the mount and big scope too. I used to have a C8 and my try that one day. The mount is the ieq45p.
  15. Do you think I will be able to see the North American nebula using this telescope and a 2" ES 40 mm EP with an Orion ultrablock filter from a dark sky with milky way obvious?
  16. Thanks, that clears that up. And yes, when looking overhead I'm climbing under the thing almost
  17. With a mount load of 35 lbs(ieq45p) , what would be the largest aperture reflector type scope for the mount? It has 22lb 127mm apochromatic ED triplet on their now. I've never seen a large aperture reflector on a German equatorial mount, and was contemplating the gangeliness of it...is it because the focuser is way up there?
  18. Wow. I had this 14mm in my shopping cart along with the 4.7mm 82 and the 40mm 68. I read on CN that the 14 was the worst of the batch and that people were actually returning them, so I pulled that one from the cart. Perhaps I should go back and see what scopes were being used. Mine is 5" APO f/7.5. Hmm, sounds like an outstanding eyepiece here.
  19. Never used a binoviewer. I did however buy and return 4 pair of Astro binoculars in the $300 range...gave up on them. Is you binoviewer easy to look through? I had a tripod to steady things with the binoculars but viewing was difficult. Maybe an exit pupil problem ?
  20. Yes. The Astrozap stuff works great, light weight and stoable.
  21. That 9 mm is a pretty good eyepiece. Used mine last night the most...also with barlow, also with a barlow.
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