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  1. Whatever the default is is what I use. I only enter a scale value and target name. Just discovered this, works great!
  2. Yes, nice stars out to edge. Good test! Looks great. Nice little scope.
  3. I just ordered the 72mm f/5.5 apo(doublet, we'll see....) along with the TS 0.79x ff/fr and appropriate spacers. ...... waiting for the weather.
  4. You can remove CA from your subs in Adobe Camera Raw before integration?
  5. Can you use a bad pixel map for a dark flat frame?
  6. Thanks much. I just sent magnificent guide camera back to orion for a new one. I could not reach focus, and stars were 3-lobed blobs. Also, the "camera settings" in phd2 ( just to the right of the brain), were unavailable and I had no gain control. I hope it was just the sensor. When i get replacement I'll det it up as you advise. Great share!
  7. I must put one on my 127mm APO ED triplet and see what I can stack. Does it stack on its own or do you have to process it on a computer? I think I read somewhere that it can't save files for transfer ? Great pics folks Thanks
  8. Does skybt work with ieq45pro and HC #8407+? I can't seem to get a straight answer from the source.
  9. Apologies, R2 Revolution camera/monitor kit
  10. When I ask myself if I'd pay $300 for an Eyepiece that woul let me see well in the city, I have to say yes. Even if only to see stuff from town when don't want to drive for an hour. The R2 is less than a quality eyepiece after all. It just makes sense and sounds fun. Would the R2 work well with the ES 127mm APO ED triplet at f/7.5? I've heard MAKs at f/15 are better? Thanks?
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