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  1. That's why I told, this is a theory.... Many scientists also believe that there are cycles for our universe. I do not have any hard evidence.... if you any or found some.. please share
  2. I also said a lot more things above, that say that black holes consume everything.... that leads to the destruction of the universe. But the main idea of my concept is what matter does inside a blackhole. More or less...
  3. In pictures, you see the space-time fabric in only 2 dimensions. But is actual in 4 dimensions including time. So the Basketball in space will get attracted to the ramp because of their own gravity.
  4. You can't be sure, what if we are alone ( Which I personally don't believe, but it is a chance) . There will be no aliens looking at us then. Or maybe they are too far away or less advance in technology. But what you said is true, it will be an amazing site.
  5. The distance will change between you and the centre. As the universe is expanding, the space between 2 points also increases. And at your pace, which is very slow compared to the expansion of the universe, you will never be able to reach the centre. As for where the centre is, we don't know exactly, but you can see through some simulation of the collusion of both galaxies and get to know where the centre will be.
  6. Yes. But take a situation in which, a mass of Uranium ( whichever isotope ) or any radioactive element thrown or sent in a black hole. As it reaches the event horizon, its time stops. So it never decays or never attains half life. I am meaning to say, mass in a black hole has no progress in time, until the universe dies or the black hole vaporises.
  7. Well, if you dont think our Universe will stop expanding, then how is our Universe formed? Cycles need to take place, or a new universe cant be created. I think a some point , many the universe will stop expanding ( maybe because dark energy will be exhausted ) or one massive singularity will be created containing all of universes mass and its gravity, will be stronger than the universes expansion. Or else, how can you explain the birth of our universe?
  8. This is a theory and so I don't have full evidence, but I have gathered data from websites, and then formulated my theory. These are the following websites :- 1. http://functionspace.com/topic/848/How-does-time-behave-near-a-black-hole-- 2.http://www.livescience.com/19683-happen-fall-black-hole.html
  9. What I think is that, all the energy might have been used or still used for the expansion of the universe. We still just scratched the surface of all these matters, and is quite new for us.
  10. I agree with " Proto Star ". Both counters will show same value, but will click at different rate which is dependent on the observer. A person in the train will see's the counter on the station and in the train tick at the same time.. as he is the observer. The same will happen to an observer on the station. If there had to only one observer, it would disagree with Relativity because, the train has to slow down for both the counter's to tick with the same value.
  11. Its obvious you can't see it through a spotting scope or a normal telescope, because they are very dim and require highly sophisticated telescopes. But that is to my point, my point is about how the universe was created and what happens in a black hole... the relation between them.
  12. This is how I think our Universe was created and how it will be destoryed. Please read fully to understand completely. And if you have any objections with this theory, please be free to comment or contact me. Albert Einstein first, then many other scientists believed that black holes bend the fabric of space-time a lot, causing time to slow down near one. That's what many people believe. But, if Einstein is correct and time stops just before the event horizon of a black hole, then any body just before the event horizon will freeze in time for outside observers, but it will run normally
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