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  1. Hi once again... After spending a year with the mount i built i managed to gather some info about go to systems. I am in my final year of mechanical engineering and will be displaying the mount as my project....but will b dding a go to system to it. I will b getting help from the information technology team to programme the mount. What i learnt is that you can control the telescope motion through stellarium using a raspberry pi microprocessor, a bluetooth dongle and potentiometers for motion sensing. I seen this video on youtube and will share tge link...if someone could rell me if this same setup would work on an equitorial mount??? For example...can the alt and az co ordinates be swapd with tge co ordinates of RA abd DEC...??? You can find the video on youtube...by searching Telescope + raspberry pi + stellarium =itelescope
  2. Since my mount is not that accurate and just works using an RA motor...so it's tough to take longer exposures. I do 20 to 30 sec subs. But 90% of them get stacked in dss. May b I should try 1 min...but I'll chase to throw away most of the subs.
  3. I had started of with the same video...haha... Forest Tanaka explains everything really clearly.?
  4. I had a doubt though.....suppose I achieve 3 hours of exposure with 20sec frames and stack them ...would it differ from that of 3 hours of 3 to 5 min frames...??? Or will the images differ...???
  5. Haha...at some point I too was in this position. I had to modify my telescope. I had no idea about astrographs and ended up buying an 8inch dob. No small eq mounts can take the weight of this scope. A heavy one would cost me a bomb of about 2000 to 3000$ plus shipping. So i just decided to build a mount and it does a good job at tracking . You can image with the etx90 too. Just that you will get shorter exposures. Hopefully at some point we can blow up cash on expensive equipment..???
  6. Typically if u need a good shot...u would require some expensive gear. Or if u manually track and guide..u can get shorter exposures of 20 to 30 secs. That's what I do. You already have a good DSLR to do the job. As long as your mount is polar aligned well. You should get good images. I built an eq mount at home that just has a motor on the RA. But I get pretty decent images.
  7. Haha...I have added more frames now..and will b adding more exposure tonight...?...should land up with 30 to 40 mins of exposure finally.
  8. My last nights session seemed to b pretty good. Managed to get 13 mins of exposure and i plan on addinh more exposure time.
  9. I just checked the settings . yes I can. Thank u so much for that....
  10. I do use a trigger remote. Although my prime adaptor is a bit faulty. That may be the cause.
  11. Oh...get it. No wonder. Its probably when the DSLR shutter opens and closes there's a slight shake. Probably need to get that problem sorted.
  12. Haha....yea it works perfectly. 144:1 ratio seemed to be right. It takes the load well. Just that I'm having issues with DSS. It doesn't detect many stars. Just that when I reduce the threshold below 10 the number of stars increase a bit. It just detects a dozen or so. Sometimes it just 2 to 5 stars that get detected.
  13. Orion nebula Scope...GSO 8" F6 Canon 70d ISO 800 15 sec frames (10 mins total)
  14. I managed to get a few images....although they aren't that sharp. It's my first attempt. I managed to track and image Pleiades ,Orion nebula, owl nebul, crab, sombrero. Camera used...70d, mannual tracking and guiding. 15 sec frames.( 9 mins total) Iso 800
  15. Does anyone have dss 3.3.4...i took pics of andromeda with a canon t2i but my current version of dss wont let me stack my images. I tried downloading dss 3.3.4 but there isn't any link to download it. Guess my government has blocked those links for some reason. Would b great if someone could share the upgraded version of dss...
  16. Totally i have spent about 15000 INR which comes up to about 200 $.including machining and the paint job. No doubt it took me about 4 months to get it cometed, but the wait paid off..
  17. Thank u so much guys...tomorrow is a big day...fingers crossed. Will b taking long exposure pics of orion n try stacking them. Will sury share the final pic. I have also modified my focuser for prime astrophotography. So now my dslr sensor is much more closer to the secondary mirror. Just that a bit of manual tuning will be requitlred to get the dslr into focus.
  18. Really glad to have completed my mount and has been tested and is successful..i tracked sirius for 3 hours keeping it in the centre of my eyepiece. All set for the season n start with astrophotography.
  19. https://stargazerslounge.com/uploads/monthly_2016_10/P_20161028_180302.jpg.ef2c63c65f0ed35676b118a6c6f306cc.jpg I have built an eq mount of my own for my 8 inch...will try it out in a day or two...just to let u know...i face a lot of focus issues with my dob and i am unable to do prime Strophotography...so to gain focus i have even modified my dob focuser. The image i sent u earlier is a gso astrograph on a bresser eq mount and costs just the same as an 8 inch dob.
  20. Hey....have u heard about imsging newtonians...???..they are comparatively faster scopes with an f4 ratio...lighter in weigh, so its easier to handle and they even have shorter focal lengths so prime photography is easier as compared to dobs...i personally recommend that if you are interested in photograpgy then a dob is a little too much to handle...they are basically built for viewing but photography is possible too. I personally own an 8 inch dob...n it is huge n tough to andle. Also eq mounts that can take these payloads are pretty expensive. I suggest u do a little research on imaging ota's before investing in a dob.
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