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  1. ..and I thought I'd do the EP/accessory case in one go as well... Now it's finally time to go out and actually use this stuff
  2. I'm sorry to maybe kept some of you waiting for the progress. I've been occupied with other stuff, but haven't stopped working on my case. Hereby some pictures of my labour... The last picture doesn't show it well, but the case holds the scope including the mount.
  3. And I must have taken the correct measurements for once. My mount with the scope installed even fits!!! And the case can be closed with it inside! Who would have thought that? Next up: the inside, but that will be a job for next week I guess. I'm pretty pleased with the result up until now!
  4. Ok, next... Installation of remaining hardware.
  5. I continued well into the night yesterday evening, and made a bit of a mess in my house (this is one of those times when the expression "being a happy single" actually has some truth in it :-D ). But... Closing profiles have been installed! They are temporarily fixed in place with construction adhesive, awaiting installation of the closing hardware and additional reinforcing corner brackets and stuff. And if I may say so myself: it's a perfect fit! :-)
  6. Oh right... And I also ordered a few of these: USB powered red LED strips. One for this case, one for my EP/accessories case, and one to test on my tripod (under the shelf, pointing downward). These can conveniently be powered by a compact power bank, like the ones used as a phone backup battery. It's a black strip with 6 LED's, a on/off switch is incorporated and the cable itself is 51"/1300mm long.
  7. Tadaa... Hardware will be next! Stay tuned!!! :-D
  8. Splitting the box. The gap measures 1cm to accommodate the aluminium closing profile later.
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