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  1. The triplet refractor will have better resolution than an Achromatic Doublet because all three colors, RGB, focus at a single point. You will be able to see more and finer details. I had a ES AR152 Achro and then got a 130mm APO. The color is much better and no fringing around bright objects. I can see more and finer detail also. I saw 3-4 light colored bands on Saturn that I could never see before!
  2. I have both the ES and Delos 14mm eyepieces. IMO they are just about a tie!! I like the 72° view of the Delos but performance wise they are very very close. The Delos may have a VERY SLIGHT edge in resolution. YMMV
  3. I went out the day after my observing session to the local astronomy shop and bought the 14mm Delos. Just like potato chips, you can't have just 1,2,3,4!!!!!!! So now I have 5 Delos and I thought I was all done with buying any more eyepieces, rightttttttt !
  4. Finally got a second light on my TS 130 F/7 APO last night. I've been waiting for 4 weeks for a decent night! We had very clear skies 2 nights ago but I had to work late and couldn't get out to observe. So yesterday was one of my days off and the skies were clear again. Setup the scope on my iEQ45 Pro mount about 9:45pm PDT. Saturn and Mars were both up about 30° to 40° above the horizon; so I did all my observing on these two planets. Seeing was very good for this area!! I also got to test my 4 new Delos eyepieces, 3.5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 17.3mm. The scope preformed excellently and the seeing was
  5. I have two SCTs and two refractors. I would say get a 8" SCT for high power planetary and DSO use. The 8" SCT is the sweet spot for size, easy transport/setup, and big enough to see smaller faint fuzzies. Then get a 90mm - 102mm refractor from F/5 to F/7 for wide FOV use. That would pretty well cover the sky.
  6. I bought a C9.25 3 years ago. It was way out of collimation when I got it. I re-collimated it and have spent the last 1.5 years waiting for our skies to give me one clear evening (needed the moon in they sky to check my Moonlite focuser) to see if I did it correctly. We had several clear nights but I wound up being sick on those nights and was unable to get out and observe with it. Anyway got out a week ago for a about 11/4 hr and tried it out on the moon. It was fantastic and the collimation is excellent. I have wanted a C9.25 for over 20 years and could never afford one. Bought this one us
  7. Well I finally got 75 minutes with NO clouds to observe with my C9.25 scope and three of the Delos eyepieces and a few of my ES eyepieces. I had the Delos 6mm, 10mm, and 17.3mm eyepieces and the 11mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, and 24mm ES eyepieces out. The Moon was out and high in the sky so that was the target of choice. First off I love the "portal view" that people have commented on with the Delos eyepieces. The adjustable eyeguards are great and make using them very enjoyable. I didn't have time to get everything down to ambient temp but after the first 50 minutes the scope cooled down enou
  8. I had a GSO 2" 2X barlow and it was surprisingly good for the price. I wound up giving it to my adult grandson with a C102GT refractor and a bunch of eyepieces and stuff. I bought the ES 2X focal extenders both the 1.25" and 2" models. The 1.25" fits my LS8 much better!! I really like their focal extenders a lot. Optically it was a better than the GSO but not tremendously better. They give me great views with no optical aberrations. Well worth the money to me.
  9. Another thing to consider is the faster the scope the better the eyepieces will need to be for visual use! That will put you in the upper price bracket for eyepieces. Lower cost and mid price range eyepieces work much better in slower scopes. At F/5 most medium priced eyepieces should work fairly well. At F/3.9 you'll be looking at top tier eyepieces and a Paracorr.
  10. Congrats on the new scope, looks great!! Looks like it will serve you well for a long time to come!!!!
  11. Use a piece of window/door screen and place it on top of the exit hole. It won't stop the hot air from exiting the scope but will stop the bugs from getting in.
  12. I use Lymax Cat Coolers for my LS8 and C9.25 SCTs. They cut the cool down times in half or less. Search on the internet for "telescope cat coolers" and you'll find a lot of articles on how to build your own using inexpensive PVC pipe and a computer 12v fan. I made one about 20 years ago and it worked just fine. When I got back into astronomy about 4 years ago I got lazy and bought the ready made Lymax, not cheap but they do the job very well.
  13. My new Delos 10mm got here today. Looks perfect to my eyes. No bits, dust, paint chips, etc. inside the eyepiece. Now if the weather would just give me one night of very good seeing I could see what the difference is between them and my ES eyepieces.
  14. Well, I now have 3 Delos eyepieces!! I ordered the 10mm Delos last night from Agena Astro and they shipped it this morning! I should have it Monday or Tuesday. I have NO self control when it comes to good eyepieces!!!!!!!!!! I need a 20 step program for my addiction to good eyepieces!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, it's only money right!! I mean you can't take it with you. I told my adult kids I'm spending their inheritance.
  15. The focuser reduction drive is actually 10-1 not 11-1. My old eyes lie to me at times!!!
  16. I got my first ever TV eyepieces yesterday. I bought a TS130mm F/7 Refractor to replace my ES AR152 Refractor. So I headed to my local astronomy store (Cloud Break Optics in Seattle, WA) yesterday to see if they would put it, AR152, on consignment or possibly do a trade. They made me a very good trade in price. So I got a 3.5mm and 6mm Delos eyepieces with part of it. I've never owned TV eyepieces because I couldn't afford them. So this was a golden opportunity to get a couple and they are on sale 15% off! I had the 130mm scope out 2 nights ago and found I needed some short fl eyepieces to go
  17. Well after more than a month I finally got first light tonight on my TS 130mm F/7 scope with the 3.7" focuser. The sky gods figured they had punished me enough!! We had rain late last night/early this morning.It was partly cloudy all day and about 5:00pm it started to clear off!! By 7:00pm all the clouds were gone!!!!! Took my iEQ45 Pro mount out to the back patio and set it up. Mounted the scope and balanced it. Aligned the finder scope with the main scope. Then put a scope cover over it to keep some cotton wood fluff from getting on it. (Should have left the cover off.) Made my dinn
  18. I was sick with an infection at the time and wasn't feeling to well. That was about two years ago. I need to take another picture for my avatar.
  19. The biggest eyepieces that I have are the ES 40mm 68° and ES 30mm 82° eyepieces!! My local astronomy store has the 3" 30mm 100° eyepiece and that's a monster at 2352g and the diagonal is .90kg!! I got to hold it and it's just insanely huge!!!
  20. Sorry, didn't look up the scope, thought it was a refractor.
  21. Here's a picture of my new TS 130mm F/7 scope on my new iOptron 45 Pro Goto mount. I didn't put the weights on just for the photo! Here's my ES AR152 on my CGEM mount. Don't have a picture of my ES 102 APO.
  22. I have a ES 100mm APO that's an excellent scope for the money. Very high contrast, sharp, detailed views. There's no color even on very bright stars. Give it a look also.
  23. There is a 13 page topic on Cloudy Nights on the TS 130 F/7 refractors. All the reports have been very positive up to this point. But two people posted today that they had new APO scopes that were way out of collimation on delivery. One of the scopes was a 80mm APO. So I was wondering if anyone has gotten a 130 F/7 or any other ST APO refractor recently with collimation problems. I took delivery of my 130mm F/7 on April 6th and still haven't had a good night to get first light on it yet!! I did get my cheshire eyepiece out tonight and checked my scope. (Didn't think about doing that when I f
  24. I live in a zone 9 for light pollution. I can't see the Milky Way on a very good night. If I drive 1 to 3 hours away from here the Milky Way lights up the whole sky. Three hours form here are some of the darkest places in Washington State. In several area's there's no towns or major sources of lights for 20 to 30 miles in any direction. I will be trying to make some 3 day weekends in that part of the State this summer.
  25. My wife was 1 in a million. She never had a problem with any of my hobbies. At least she always knew where I was at and what I was doing!! I was too broke to go chasing other women!!!!!!!!! We were married 44 years when she passed away 4 years ago. She had Parkinson's Disease for over 30 years. The last 10 years I was her 24/7 caregiver along with working a full time job. I asked her one time what she wanted me to do with her insurance money when she passed. She told me to pay off out bills and with what ever was left to buy myself some toys and have some fun. She said you've taken care of me
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