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  1. Hi all, Been trying to find surveys to use in a light pollution analysis sheet i have to complete. help would be appreciated. seb x
  2. again been looking around the internet for this one have no idea how to answer it. O type stars in a faint galaxy are observed to be magntiude 15. Estimate the distance to this galaxy. seb xx
  3. Okay all apparently its the 30 inch Schmidt camera at St andrews University - The James Gregory one.
  4. honestly been rummaging around the internet for this one. are there even any? this odesn't include jodrell bank of course. seb xx
  5. alright but i know other people image with this particular filter and DSLR. Is it to do with the telescope?
  6. I usually use this method but the point is I'm using a filter which is sized 1 25. x
  7. Hi all, Have a problem with focusing my Canon 1100D connected to a sky watcher newtonian via a 1 25 adapter with a baader uhc filter in it. Optimal focus is a lot closer to the telescope than I can go, so was just wondering how I can fix this. cheers x
  8. brilliant picture. Where was this taken?
  9. Rosette nebula also could be an option - had decent success with it with an unmodified camera from London. Interesting about the North America nebula Wim - Tried this target out but found it hard due to the faintness and how spread out it is. I will definitely try it again this spring - now that I have a modded camera - fingers crossed with darker skies.
  10. Hey there. Is this your first time entering into astronomy/astrophotography? Have you started by doing any observing with a previous telescope? Venturing into deep sky astrophotography can be hugely rewarding but taking the correct and careful steps will make life so much easier in the long run. I don't want to sound patronising in any way but do you have a clear area where you can set up this scope in order to take photographs? Do you have an apropriate place to store the telescope? Will moving house be an possible/probable option in the long run? Do you have a suitable computer which c
  11. Hey kids, I've had 1372 notifications on opening today - a sign of how little of I've been using this forum as of late. Planning to do some imaging of the Elephant Trunk today and hopefully share it with you guys. To get right into it, this an image I haven't shared with you guys. It was taken in mid-December in my backyard in the centre of London. Really would appreciate any tips for this as it's far from perfect (not much detail whatsoever) and if I were to revisit this target I would definitely add more subs in. Workflow was in startools. Canon 1100D, ISO 800 roughly an hr o
  12. Hi all,of UHC filter I was wondering about the availability which clip on or attach to canon cameras. Sky Watcher do some but I discovered that they are suitable only for eyepieces. Thanks, Seb
  13. Hi all, This isn't the first time I've had this problem. I have about 50 of these and then I get that. I'm assuming it could be to do with alignment or poor data but I have had decent results with similar photos so I am clueless. Autosave001.tif
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