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  1. Thanks! Yeah, I find globular clusters great to image while I'm still learning the basics. It seems much easier to make them pop in an image than say a much fainter nebula. Thank you! You're right about the green. I really didn't notice that before you said anything. I must have been way too eager to upload I'll see what I can do about it. Hehe, thanks! I was honestly quite suprised myself to see any kind of nebulosity at all. My skies are pretty dark but I'm only about a mile outside of town so light pollution is still somewhat of an issue. It's atleast dark enough to hint at the Milky Way going across the sky. I'm gonna try and find a nice spot further out of town in the future. We have almost unpolluted skies with a 30-40 min drive out. Thank you! //Anton
  2. I'm completely new to this whole thing so I've been a bit hesitant to upload these, but here goes. They're both quite low on frames as I had to throw a bunch in the bin. Both are taken using my dob, Skywatcher Skyliner 200p flex, and Nikon 5300. M45, Pleiades 6x30s at ISO 800. Stacked in DSS and edited in Photoshop. M13 11x10s at ISO 800 and 11x10s darks. Stacked in DSS and edited in Photoshop.
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