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  1. Thanks for that, I think I will take your advice and maybe look at getting a Go-to for my scope instead.
  2. I've just come back to this conundrum and have obtained the Model number for the telescope. It is a Bushnell 900x114mm Telescope, Model number 788846. Would I be able to use the mount and go to for my Skywatcher 130P?
  3. I need to look into a bit more I think. Maybe I'm not aligning it properly to start with. I was a complete beginner when I got the Skywatcher and I probably remain in that bracket at the moment. Just seeing the Bushnell as an option has sparked my enthusiasm to get out there and giving it another go.
  4. There quite a few different options. We cannot take cash but I could research which is worth the most and attempt to sell it. I did read some amazon reviews and thought I would come here for some proper advice I think I will forget the Bushnell and explore options of making my current scope 'go to' instead. I have seen a few things with it including saturns rings and neptunes stripes and the orion nebula but the view literally lasts seconds before they rotate out of view then I lose the object. It is hindering my motivation to try and do more with the scope and it's just sat collecting dust.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I don't use my skywatcher much due to difficulty I find in tracking things. It has the mount that I can attach a motor too, maybe I will have a look along the lines of motorizing my current one. I am constrained to the model from my service award options unfortunately so am unable to pick and choose.
  6. Hi. I have the chance to select a Bushnell 900x114mm Telescope as part of a long service award scheme at work. It is the 'go to' version with remote control for locating and tracking objects quickly and easily. Has anyone got any experience of this scope and is it worth it? I've got a Skywatcher at the moment but find it really hard to find and keep 'locked on' to objects without the motor so am considering this as an alternative. Thanks for any input.
  7. Thanks for the advice. It would be just for planets and the moon really. Perhaps some star trails too.
  8. My wife did stipulate the intention of using the scope to take photo's when she ordered it but now I seem to be being advised otherwise. I am ordering a barlow anyway so I think I will get a cheap t ring off ebay and give it a try. I have taken photos through an eyepiece which were actually not bad but I want to fix the camera in place and try to get some planet shots
  9. I have been advised that it is not possible to use a DLSR with a Skywatcher 130P but I have read on the internet that using a barlow eye piece with a T adaptor works. Can anyone confirm this? An example of a photo taken through the 130P would be nice too
  10. The one I was looking at getting with my scope was this one... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-eyepieces/skywatcher-deluxe-2x-barlow.html (the scope came from them too).
  11. Update: I believe I have made out 2 stripes on Jupiter tonight. My wife was advised against a Barlow x2 lens but she can't remember why! Is it worth getting one to help me? I've also saw the Orion nebula tonight
  12. I've got Orion coming round into view soon, hopefully get a look at Betelgeuse
  13. All I see is a white disk and 3 moons around it. I have a great clear sky at the moment and cant get to see any more. Thats with 10mm and 25mm.
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