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  1. Ha all, Can anyone advise if the following observing regime can be done at reasonable cost. It's purely in my head at the moment and I'm not even sure if its possible! 1. I own a Bongo camper van and usually drive to good observing spots in the highlands. 2. On arrival I'd like to remove telescope from van. 3. Setup and calibrate scope. 4. Get back into my van and open my macbook. 5. Using wifi, bluetooth or whatever I'd like to tell the scope what to look at and see the images in realtime on my computer screen. At the moment I have a 10 inch manual dob but unfortunately due to poor eyesight I'm unable to get lots of benefit from it. By eyes have flare and night adaption issues which means I can only really see well in bright areas when my pupils are constricted. This isn't astigmatism related - its more complicated. Viewing screen is fine however which has led me to conjure up the setup above. Can it be done at reasonable cost and if so can anyone point me towards some suitable equipment. I fully understand I may have to sell the dob to fund it. kindest regards
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