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  1. Wow, just checked out your website...breath-taking astrophotography!
  2. Yeah I heard, can't wait.
  3. My biggest problem right now is my son's up at 3am trying to find Saturn....happy days...
  4. Thanks. Nice to be part of this community. now, if I can just figure how I managed to mess up my posts when using Android....
  5. Yeah that's Hector. He says hi too.
  6. Hey thanks. Not sure our "reports" will raise anything hugely new, but hey, what the heck.
  7. Hey thanks. Right now, it's all good so I don't think we have outrageous expectations. We've already had three fruitless nights but we're still hooked.
  8. Hey thanks. So much to see, so it's all good. ☺
  9. Hi, a new member and already I owe you all a bunch of thanks. After my 15 yr old son expressed a curiosity about astronomy, as a complete novice to this subject, being able to listen into your discussions proved hugely helpful. This forum is a font of knowledge which has helped us make what I hope are some really good decisions for beginners. For example, foregoing a smaller aperture computerised scope, instead going for a Skyliner 200 Dobsonian: the thrill of bagging Jupiter and three moons "by hand" on our first outing, with nothing but your advice in my ears to guide us, may not seem much to some of the more hardened pros amongst you, but it was a moment of pure magic for the whole family. And yes, we are officially hooked! And so, onwards and upwards. Next destination - Saturn and later this month, Mars.
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