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  1. Will this fit a Skywatcher 250px? Thanks, Andy
  2. Thanks for all the excellent advice! It sounds like people have their favourites but they're both excellent eyepieces. I think I'll follow Ricochet's advice and start with the 11mm ES82 - the 12mm BST is the eyepiece I use most atm, and I figure this would be the best replacement/upgrade. I suspect my collectionitis will then force me to get the 24mm in 82 as well, but we'll see how I get on with it. Thanks again, will make sure to let you know how I get on with them. Now just wish M42 would rise a bit earlier ...
  3. Hi folks, Potentially a very newbie question here but just wanted some advice before I finalise my letter to Santa! I'm looking to upgrade my eyepiece collection to a set of Explore Scientific 82s. I'm currently using BST Starguiders with my Skywatcher 250px dob. However, I'm not sure whether to go for the 24mm in the 68 or 82 variant. My thoughts are: 82 has the better FOV, and from what I understand does provide a better view. The 68 means no worrying about changing to 2" barrel and back. I could use the same set of filters with all my eyepieces. I guess the question comes down to whether the view from the 82 outweighs the convenience of having everything in 1.25" format. Any recommendations?
  4. Annoyingly I bought my 8 and 18mm from Astronomy 365 and they had no branding, and a 12mm from skies unlimited which has 'Starguider' on it. They are identical (other than color band and focal length) but my ocd is struggling with only one having the branding!
  5. Eyepiece wise, I've already got a set of BST starguiders that I've bought for my 130p - from what I understand they should be fine as long as I stick to f5 or slower (the vx12 or probably vx14 by that time is a long way off because I know I'll nees to upgrade all my eyepieces in the meantime) Budget is somewhere round the £500 - £700 mark. I'll upgrade with telrad/raci later, that's not included in that budget. Scope will predominantly be used at home which is why I was thinking closed tube, assume they'd hold collimation better. Think I should still be able to get a decent size tube in my qashqai with the seats down if I do want to take of anywhere
  6. Hi guys, I'm relatively new to this - just got my first scope (Skywatcher 130p) last Christmas but am enjoying and think I've already been bitten by the dreaded aperture fever! Am now looking at my next scope and thinking about either 10 or 12inch dob. My questions are - would the view from the 12 inch be worth the extra cost? I'm relatively young and fit (still playing rugby on the odd weekend, and relatively strong) so I assume the 12 inch wouldn't be too much to handle. I would love an Orion Optics VX12 but think that's out of my price range for now so lookig at the GSO deluxe ones. Is that a sensible choice? Or should I be thinking about something else entirely? I live in a fairly suburban area, right on the coast - light pollution map has me in an orange zone if that makes any difference. Thanks for any advice! Andy
  7. Thank you Paul, have realised my error though I think. Was far too excited at getting my first 'proper' eyepiece and thought I'd have a quick look at something terrestrial. Turns out the trees in my garden are far too close to bring to focus while still being in the tube!
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