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  1. Very faint planetary nebula in Gemini. Sh2-290 is one of the largest known planetary nebulae, with a diameter of about 7 parsecs. This object pushed a lot my process skills to show some data.... Not arrive to 30 hours of data because of the weather, next year I will try again and I will acquire more info. More info about the picture on http://www.astrobin.com/403953 https://flic.kr/p/2fMCFNR I hope you like it ?
  2. In my opinion never was a question of attractiveness ?, more about performance (and always the beauty is something so much subjective...) The Polemaster is mounted in two places, first on the wedge for an overall tripod orientation (no need to complete all the procedure, only see the polar on the Polemaster camera screen) and after to insert the mount on top of the wedge doing the "real" full Polemaster procedure. With the 3 screws alignment you could use the two on the bottom like the azimut, and the top screw as the altitud. Not need to use four like on the previous mount. ?
  3. It’s the wedge. 150€ and prepared for your latitude. Its possible to adjusts about 300km in North South direction, máximum of 600km but in this case it’s does not look good (because the angle is to forced).
  4. Finally I made some calculations on my observatory. Currently I have only 45 cm free in front of my scope. And seems that the offset that I need at my latitude is about 38.5cm, leaving only 6cm free in front of the telescope. In my case I can not use this kind of pier, I need a regular wedge with no offset. I am waiting the first pictures of the "regular" wedge from Mr.Mesu on the next days.
  5. Thank you so much, I think it worth it, just to keep the good ones and not use the others than in regular conditions I use it... it’s hard to drop more than 10 hours of good frames ? Thank you so much, I am glad you like it! Gracias!! I’ll try to keep the level on the next ones Thank you Steve, also I like to much how much I learn from the last times.
  6. NGC 4565 (also known as the Needle Galaxy or Caldwell 38) For this picture I selected only the best 257 images (from initial 404 frames of 180s.) on Luminance channel to stack. It was a long and detailed process to confirm only the best of the best captures, I called them superframes. It was more than 24 hours of integration. (plus 10 hours more for trash..) Here the links with all the technical description Astrobin Flickr And the annotated pictured with all family (the other 14 galaxies on the picture) Any comment will be welcome
  7. Thank you!!!, your Spanish is great!! Thank you Peter!!
  8. Davey, more info regarding your question: The new mount has a much lower mass and is much stiffer than the old Mesu-200. The drive discs have the same diameter as the old mount. (200mm.) The head without counterweight bar is 18,5kg Including the 750mm long counterweight bar it is 21.3kg. (longer bar than the previous one) The load capacity is also 100kg like the old mount, and the head could be split very easily in two 9 kg. parts plus counterweight bar (2.7 kg.).
  9. As far I know the pier on the picture need to be build for your latitude, if your pier is prepare for 37 degrees it could be adjusted 3-4 degrees about 500km latitud distance) , if you need more you need another pier.
  10. I think is really a big improvement the fact to use internal cableling, no cables around and also the non meridian flip is an extra. Anyone has experience with the Sitech Servo Controler I (version one, not two)?
  11. It will keep the same price. Obviously I am with you (I purchased one ?), no other one at this price/performance at this time, maybe OGEM on the future...
  12. Hi all, I opened on my local astro forum (Spain) a post about my experiences to acquire a new mount to my observatory. Base on how interested is the people I open another one here . Currently I am using an Astro-Physics Mach-1 GTO CP4 with an Altair Astro RC250-TT 10" RC Truss Tube (GSO) or a Teleskop Service TS Photoline 107mm f/6.5 Super-Apo. With the current configuration : RC10", focuser MoonLite NiteCrawler WR30, Riccardi, OAG celestron, AstroLink 4 mini, filter wheel and ASI1600 it's on 24 kg. I am completely happy with the AP mount but my plan is to use both telescopes on the same rig.. and always I wanted a Mesu. (in fact, the AP mount was acquire for a mobile set up) When I contacted Mr. Mesu on February with my interest on the Mesu 200 he explains to me that he is working in a completely new mount, an upgraded version of the Mesu200. the original Mesu 200 is not available any more. We talked about the new improvements that he want to introduce: internal cableling guide, better encoders on the motors, non meridian flip pier... The plan is to present officially the mount on May 11th and start producing the new mount after 6-8 weeks after. After some emails and calls I sent to him the first payment to have one!! risky? could be, but Lucas prove from long time that he is a committed maker, with a lot of experience on this kind of drive mounts and I bet for him. I believe that he will deliver a improve mount. This morning I receive the first pictures that I want to share with you: It's really different to the previous one. I will keep you updated!!
  13. ? thank you Thank you I like Sharpless catalog a lot!!
  14. Thank you so much, even for my it's soy pastel, I like more brilliant colors (please check my other images http://www.astrobin.com/users/Carballada/ ?) but this object it's so faint... Thank you so much!!
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