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  1. I'll get in touch with him - thank you Will
  2. If you mean the Esprit 150mm F7 triplet I would be very interested & grateful for any information you can give. I've looked at the full review by Nik Szymanek which is a few years old now - a more recent account by a current user would be really helpful . Will
  3. First class idea Steve / FLO – if this could apply to the Esprit 150 (looks like the one I'm probably going for) then I would be happy to pay for the reassurance that the instrument I'm getting is in good shape out of the box. I guess there is always a chance that it could be hammered by the carrier in transit between Es Reid and final destination but that would apply to everything we buy – the risk of getting a bad scope from the manufacturer is the real worry. Sounds like a winner – I'm in . Will
  4. Thanks Jamie that is a really great insight into the APM 152 and is reassuring to hear that you are free from spurious colours viewing Moon and planets. That was one of the things I was concerned about but looks like colour correction is under control with the APM 152. This looks like a really nice scope and is a real contender with me at the moment as it seems to offer a great deal for the comparatively modest cost. I'm holding off making a final choice until the house alterations are complete (new windows being fitted as I type – kitchen refurbishment to follow - oh dear my wallet !). Thanks again Jamie - that's a nice detailed review – are you planning any imaging with it later in year when the sky is a bit darker? - if so I would welcome any thoughts you have. Will
  5. Peter - Interesting - but who spotted it first ? Looking on Google maps I'm (about) NNE of Todmorden. Now this is the bit I'm not sure off – (I think I'm having a senior moment ) - which way was the jet heading? I had my 70D on a diagonal (otherwise I'd now have chronic neck & back strain trying to look through the viewfinder) and the jet appeared to me (as per the video) to be moving roughly top to bottom and slightly left to right in the viewfinder, in other words North to South and because of the diagonal it really was heading North to South and slightly right to left– hope that's right – which would mean it passed over me and then to you Peter. The above will appear a pointless exercise to all you able minded out there but we retired folk (well me anyway) sometimes have time on their hands and pursue random and confusing issues – even worse I may have got it wrong! Will
  6. Hi Paul - thank you - really looking forward to doing just that - still sorting out a "package" at the moment but one of the objectives (perhaps mid to longer term) is to get set up with good filters etc. for Ha work. Hope to be ordering kit in the next months - exciting! My poor old Meade is difficult to use just now - mount has always been a problem and has finally died - "runaway motor" has been the main problem - been repaired before but problem back again - fed up with it so getting some new kit . Have to read Steve's book first - should arrive today.
  7. Hi Don - yes it certainly livened things up here - we had a good clear day in the North of England which was great - only problem was the birds are nesting/breeding and seem to be producing vast amounts of guano - dive bombing various parts of the back garden with one direct hit on the telescope - joys of astronomy. Will
  8. Hi Gerry – never really considered a dob, they are quite big beasts to park somewhere are they not ? I have an outside observatory with limited space (pier etc. takes up central position) so not really able to accommodate it there. I think I like the convenience of a refractor and so for the time being it's the “design” of choice. Having said that if I manage to get along to star party somewhere and have look through one my mind may be changed – something for the future possibly. Will
  9. Exactly - I've been waiting over 60 years for that to happen Will
  10. Brilliant Steve – looking forward to a good read – thank you Will
  11. Thank you but the actual Mercury transit was so badly filmed I'm embarrassed and would not have posted anything if it were not for the jet appearing - pure luck. The Meade mount is completely jiggered so I had to hand crack the scope – amazing how fast the Sun moves when you're trying to take it's picture . I haven't been able to collimate the scope for years since I can't keep a star in the field of view (should have tried Polaris !) and don't have an artificial star. Focuser on the Meade leaves a bit to be desired – anyway enough excuses. Have ordered your book from FLO last week – should have arrived today – hopefully turn up tomorrow. Restarting my hobby from the ground up – fingers crossed this time. Will
  12. Hi - not sure if this is the appropriate (since it is an awful video - apologies for that) place to post this - but I was trying to use my mostly broken Meade LX200 (mount electronics had it ) to view the transit when a nice jet flew over - what are the chances of that ! link below - thanks for watching - oh - and I have no idea if it was going to Heathrow - not sure if I've done this correctly - thought just a link would appear below Will
  13. Absolutely right - I'm not getting any younger and, to be honest, I have everything to learn RE: astronomy - so the sooner I start the better! Making a balanced decision now is important and that is why I'm grateful for the input from members of the forum. Will
  14. Jam1e1 : Thank you very much for the detailed reply This is the point I'm at just now – no doubt items like the TEC 140 are outstanding in every way – but am I really going to benefit from the substantial additional cost – I have very little (probably nothing really – only my LX200) to compare TEC & Taks with. I imagine that a good example of a £3000 - £4000 make of scope is going to give me a more than acceptable (probably outstanding) experience. As Olly has said in one of the replies that each and every TEC 140 is guaranteed to be outstanding due to the attention & quality control given during manufacture, there may be variation in quality in less expensive instruments. That said I'm counting on a good supplier to help here and assist if a bad apple pops out of the barrel. Yes – and with very little to compare my future scope with I figure that for most scopes in the £3000 - £4000 range I would guess it's likely to blow my socks off (subject to getting a “good example” as stated above). Really – at the end of the day I'm doing this as a hobby and I think given weather / not the best seeing where I am / other life commitments (other than astronomy!) I want to feel comfortable with my purchase – hmm... not sure I can express this clearly – I don't want to have a very (for me) expensive piece of kit that I feel I have to use in order to justify the financial outlay. That piece of mind for me is important and is now influencing my decision process since first asking for help in selecting a scope. Thank you again jam1e1 for your time in responding – also wondered if you have any images taken with your APM scope (if you have posted some perhaps you could link me to them) . Will
  15. Also meant to say that I've just ordered “Making Every Photon Count ” from FLO – probably a good place to start given my current confusion/indecision over scopes and that one of the longer term objectives is to image. Looking forward to reading Steve Richards book.
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