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  1. Johan I have a SW80EDPRO and I'm quite pleased with the images it allows me to grab. Your image is stunning. Thanks for sharing. I noticed you caught the Lunar X displayed to the west of Playfair and Apianus, the Suns rays highlighting the peaks of LaCaille, Purbach and Blanchinus and only visible for 4hrs each month. Brian
  2. With a Canon 1100D SW 80 EDPRO BlackDiamond ISO 100 1 /1250 sec exposure Glass thousand oaks filter I can produce shots like these
  3. First solar image? Remarkable. Nice job, thanks for sharing.
  4. Well done! A really interesting transit composition. Maybe next time I'll give it a go.
  5. Nice capture! Thanks for sharing your work.
  6. BrianClark


    From Grey's Haven Observatory Ring Nebular SW80 ED Pro AVX mount 1100D Canon
  7. April15,2016 15:17 EST USA SW 80 ED Pro AVX mount Thousand Oaks Glass filter 400 1/2500 stacked with Registax 6 Brian
  8. I am a BYEOS fan. It works well for me. I'm able to use it for planetary and DSO work. I find it simplifies taking all my calibration shots and keeps them organized without a lot of work form me. BYEOS allows me to leave my 1100D attached during my alignment set up and do final" eyepiece" centering using my laptop screen with cross hairs so I'm certain that my chosen alignment star is properly centered in the FOV. I also have Nebulosity 4 but find the BYEOS much more intuitive for me, although Nebulosity 4 has prepossessing and some possessing features that are nice. I finish my projects in Ph
  9. Very nice captures! Its always nice to grab an extra DSO or two along with your prime target. Grey
  10. I have used Starry Night V6 pro plus for years and now use V 7 pro plus. I can't help you with scope control though. My use is a tool for planning ect. I use the FOV indicators to judge framing for imaging and scope planning. I now use the logging feature in V7 for recording observations and conditions plus organizing photos and sketches. The planetarium is a valuable aid in determining when the objects are in their best position for viewing in my backyard observatory. Grey
  11. This was taken using a NexStar 5i with a Meade 6.3 FR/FF and 1100D Canon 25X30s ISO3200 processed with DSS and PhotoShop cs2
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