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  1. Smashing! You've certainly captured a lot of stars and with great colour, too. I'm jealous of your hemisphere!
  2. Excellent images. You should definitely get the colour added!
  3. I have the same stuff and it's lovely underfoot. Even better, if you drop something, it bounces! Remember to leave a good space around the edges, though, or it will ruck up in warmer weather.
  4. Thanks very much. It's a galaxy that has much to offer!
  5. Yes, very impressive detail indeed! It's lacking in colour, though. You should try pushing the colour layer harder - I would think that it's either too faint in comparison to the L, or it needs a saturation boost?
  6. I posted this in an imaging challenge, but thought I'd post here too if that's okay? Having started capturing data for this in Feb, I was beginning to think I'd never finish it with the awful weather of the last 2 months. However, last week finally yielded some clear nights so I've eventually managed to cobble enough together for an image. I tried not to push the processing too far and kept it simple, but I'm not sure how well I've combined the colour together. Optics: MN190 Camera: 460ex Guiding: Orion mini guidescope + QHY5L-ii L: 21x600s RGB: 3x7x600s Ha: 10x500s
  7. Shibby


    A bit of a smash-and-grab at the end of a session. I'm still not used to processing/combining RGB images, so I really just bodged this together with minimal processing. SW MN190 Atik 460ex L: 18x400s RGB: 3x2x400s
  8. Awesome, very strong colour and detail. This may sound silly, but it feels very physically present in your image, rather than the fuzzy spectre that most galaxies are. (yep, that does sound silly).
  9. Fantastic image. You've really brought that IFN to life with all that data. Lots of little fuzzies to pick out, too!
  10. Having started capturing data for this in Feb, I was beginning to think I'd never finish it with the awful weather of the last 2 months. However, this week has finally yielded some clear nights so I've managed to cobble enough together for an image, and in time for the end date of this challenge. Optics: MN190 Camera: 460ex Guiding: Orion mini guidescope + QHY5L-ii L: 21x600s RGB: 3x7x600s Ha: 10x500s
  11. I'll certainly add it to the list. Who knows, it may even happen!
  12. That's great! I'll be sure to point users in the direction of your app when I get asked for an iOS version Generous of you - and very good news - about the new server; I usually have to respond to a lot of emails whenever the old one goes down. I think my app is long overdue an update, so I think I'll do some work on it before publishing the update.
  13. An unfamiliar object and fantastic image; great work both of you!
  14. I'd be interested in the results - I remember finding a similar transient "star" that came and went between subs a few years ago and have always wondered what it was.
  15. A very nice little solution! Although, the birds might think it's for them
  16. I think many of you may already know this, but planet means "wanderer" from the Greek planētai, as they appear to be stars that wander around the sky.
  17. Very nice - sharp as a tack!
  18. Looks like a great 'first' to me!
  19. Shibby


    Looking great! The outer ring of O-iii is just starting to show up, too.
  20. Shibby


    Very nice Ken! Surprised you didn't get any comments the first time. I think I prefer the first pallet and, as you say, the stars have suffered a little in the second version.
  21. Same here if I open the autosave image. The trick is to click "save image as..." after stacking it, then the resulting .TIF opens no problems in GIMP.
  22. Very nicely done. The natural-looking processing is pleasing.
  23. Very nice indeed. The flame looks particularly good!
  24. I suppose you're right - the term photograph is still entirely valid, unlike a lot of the words we use! For example, at the end of this sentence you'll find a carriage return!? I'm not sure why we use "image" - perhaps with specialised equipment, instead of what most people would recognise as a camera, it just doesn't feel like "photography". As for the other discussion point (and you have to be careful what you say in a forum full of astrophotographers) I do agree somewhat with @Olsin. The principles of showing the same subject in different ways applies to regular photography as much as it does astrophotography. Add to that the ability to manipulate the subject itself with endless variety. Then consider the power of photography to elicit emotion and compassion, tell stories; reflect on, document or even change society... Although I've tried, I'm just not artistic enough to be a photographer. I'm technical and enjoy my astrophotography. We're lucky to have such beautiful subjects but when I start a image/photo, I don't consider "what am I trying to convey", more "how much detail can I capture" and "how pretty can I make it" - I do not think that makes me an artist. Of course, I'm not saying there isn't creativity or artistry. I'm not saying an astrophoto can't inspire emotion (usually awe), but it's very different and incomparable to the effect that other, more tangible, photos can have on people.
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