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  1. Mine's also Alt-Az, the image linked to above was done by taking 30s exposures, although I did have to throw a lot of subs away due to tracking errors.
  2. Hi, did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have and Alt-Az handset and looking to buy a new mount that has EQMod, so I'm wondering if I'll be able to use the two together...?
  3. Hi there, I own the 130P and I must warn you that you can *not* achieve prime focus with a DSLR camera. This means you have to use a barlow to take images, which you can get results with (See my M42) but it is very hard work. With a barlow, much less light makes it to the CCD, also your field of view is smaller. That means that accurate tracking is far more important. Having said this, if you're only looking at short exposure photography and observing, this is an excellent, good value, scope.
  4. Oh ok, it would probably be best I did find one then... The motor(s) - should I be looking for Vixen here too? Sorry for the endless questions!
  5. Thanks all, I've PM'd Rob. Only thing I'm not certain about, how vital is the polar scope for aligning? I do have an illuminated viewfinder on the camera (with crosshair) - is this good enough?
  6. Don't forget about the 190MN, which is supposedly coma free. However, this is really down the to coma correction built in. I'd love one of these things Maksutov Newtonian - Skywatcher Explorer 190MN DS-PRO Mak-Newt Astrograph
  7. Nope, I'm not too bothered about goto, I'm *reasonably* adept at finding my way around the sky with the help of Stellarium. I really missed a trick here: http://stargazerslounge.com/completed/98859-vixen-gpe.html People keep saying this, but I seriously can't ditch the barlow - it's the only thing that has worked in all my efforts. It's a real flaw of the 130P imho (not enough inward focus travel). A webcam or something might reach prime focus I suppose... Here's a Vixen GP for £190, but no motors: U.K. Astronomy Buy & Sell Another thing I'm confused about is the weight of the OTAs. I can't find this information anywhere. How much does the 130P weigh? And what's the largest scope the Vixen GP can comfortably cope with?
  8. Thanks everybody for the advice. Yes, I'm looking to change mount solely for the purposes of imaging. The Alt-Az actually tracks very well for observing - I can keep something in my (pretty narrow) FOV for up to an hour! (so long as I work hard aligning). But for imaging, it's no good because the stars "jiggle" and I get multiple images of each star. Even at 30s, it's dumb luck if I get a "keeper" sub. Well... although the scope is quite fast at F5, I unfortunately have to use a 2x barlow to focus (hence the fore-mentioned small FOV). Just another of the many challenges presented by astrophotography... I like the sound of these Vixen mounts. I can see a couple for sale within budget but they don't have the motors, so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled. I'm willing to put the effort in when it comes to aligning. Am I right in assuming that leveling the mount is far more critical when not using goto and the multiple star alignment features that come with it? I think for now I'd be happy with achieving a minute or two without having to throw away 80% of the subs, as I do now. I can always move on to guided imaging later. Speaking of which, I've just had a concern - is off-axis guiding ok with the barlow or does it need to be prime focus?
  9. Thanks for the reply Olly. I suppose then, I should probably wait and try save up for a better mount or start considering autoguided imaging. It'd be fairly depressing to fork out on the new (to me) mount only for it to make little difference. Although I suppose this could at least spread the cost... Would I be right in assuming off-axis guiding is the way to go to keep weight down and make a mount like this CG5 more viable?
  10. I've not had my scope long, I'm still a beginner, but having tried my hand at imaging, I'm already sick of the Alt-Az Synscan mount that came with the scope (a SW 130P Newtonian). Now I've seen a second-hand Celestron AS-GT CG5 GOTO for sale for what looks like a decent price, so I'm hoping you chaps could advise me on whether this would be a good choice? What I want from the mount: - To be able to take unguided exposures of a few minutes (I can currently only manage 30s at best with the Alt-Az) using my current scope with Nikon D70 attached. How long can I reasonably expect to track unguided, bearing in mind the FOV is quite small at ~0.6deg? - Support a heavier OTA at some point in the future, although not necessarily for *un*guided imaging. - Be fairly easy/cheap to upgrade the setup for guiding in the future. Many Thanks, Lewis
  11. See my post here about interferometry: http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/94491-betelgeuse-imaged.html You'll find a few links to images of resolved stars...
  12. Sorry if you've already seen this - it was released on the 17th Catalog Page for PIA12964
  13. Only that my makeshift Bahtinov is held on by elastic band and is a bit awkward to remove without nudging the scope (so is fiddling with the camera)
  14. Even with full aperture mask on a bright star, I have to take at least 8s exposure to see the spikes, zoomed in on camera. Which is a bit annoying because it means one has to align the scope for tracking before focusing it...
  15. This is funny, a colleague at work has just informed me of "a story on the beeb about an amateur discovery". To which I was able to reply... oh I know all about that Congratulations Nick
  16. That's a nice app! Though to be honest, minor tweaks to focus isn't my main worry at the moment - the tracking is so bad with my Alt-Az, I need to 'focus' on resolving that first, probably by looking for a new mount. Everything looks slightly out of focus anyway with poor tracking.
  17. That is pretty And there's not much more satisfying than seeing a perfectly bahtinov-focused star, is there?
  18. Last night there were some rare clear (albeit hazy) skies, so I thought I'd try a little imaging using my new Skywatcher light pollution filter. Trouble is, I get this strange, large ring effect appearing on all images. I'm still new to imaging so maybe it's obvious to some of you what causes this - but I've never noticed this before, is it due to the LP filter? If so, I certainly wont be using it again Cheers, Lewis
  19. Very nice! You've managed to maintain great detail across the range!
  20. I dont know much about guiding etc, but the patches in the corners are camera light leaks, which darks will get rid of.
  21. Well done on the capture. You have the exact same scope as me - do you use a barlow? For my bhatinov, I use a flimsy piece of card with tabs left on it and my girlfriend's bobble to attach
  22. I also found this 2A adapter: AC/DC 12V DC 2AMP 24W POWER SUPPLY REGULATED PSU CCTV on eBay (end time 11-Mar-10 13:47:37 GMT)
  23. Ok, thanks for the advice. With regards to mains power, I found this: Switch-Mode DC power supply, 12V, 1000mA max.: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home It's a regulated 12V 1A power supply, seems to have a 2.1mm jack. Will this do the job for my Skywatcher Alt-Az mount? Is 1A enough?
  24. I noticed a 7Ah power tank costs around £50... I'm wondering if this would do as an alternative?? It's £30 and has a 9Ah battery.
  25. Hmm, yeah I've already tried the minimum possible threshold, I've also tried a higher threshold without the median filter but no joy. I can see the stars myself, so if I have no joy with Maxim, the only thing I can think of is manually touching up the stars before registering them in DSS. This would be time consuming though!
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