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  1. Shibby

    Great skies!!

    The sky had the same effect on me when I went to the South of France last month. I actually found it hard to make out the constellations because all the stars seemed so bright! Next time, I plan to drive down and take the telescope
  2. Nope, I just emailed the address(es) on the Contact Us page. Yeah, this won't work with a 3 terminal camera, but here's a quote from the Project List page:
  3. Lovely image! It's very smooth but also very sharp, even at 100% crop. Got a full size at 100% we can look at?
  4. Lovely, particularly your second widefield; how many subs in the end? Your image gives us unmodded DSLR users great encouragement and hope
  5. Fortunately, the order hadn't been processed so the helpful chaps at shoestring astronomy have refunded me and the Intervalometer is now on the way Thanks Dave, I should be all sorted to carry on with the Nikon now! 3ggman, you might want to consider getting one too? Note they also provide constant power to the camera (AC adapter alone costs more than this!)
  6. Where did you find that!? I've spent months googling for ways around my problems, now you show me this just after I order an inferior solution!? Ah well, if it's too late to cancel the order, I will just have to overlook the median filtering and possibly do it manually on occasion. That's a really nice shot of Orion there. Yeah, the camera is actually on loan from a friend. If I do buy my own, I'd consider a pre-modified Canon like the ones available here: DSLR Astro Mod ~ Order Now!
  7. I suppose at least this cable will give me consistent shutter times and I wont have to time each one, even if I have to turn the camera off every time it closes... Need some sort of timed circuit to disconnect the battery!
  8. Funnily enough this question was in the latest Astronomy magazine. And their answer was also: yes. They state that ALL stars form within galaxies, but some can be thrown out, by several different means.
  9. The recent Wonders of the Solar System bored me to death, but take something like Carl Sagan's epic Cosmos series - genuinely interesting and packed full of content you can learn from. However, I also love Mythbusters
  10. That's very good Rik! Better than my attempt with 90s subs. Lewis
  11. I think these cameras work slightly differently. There is no wired shutter release for the D70, only when connected to a computer. I've tried Camera Control Pro but as soon as you select bulb mode, it switches to manual control. The USB cable I've ordered actually has an IR LED on the end, that is then used to trigger the shutter as the wireless remote does. Yeah that's what I currently do; find it a pain! Do you bother switching off the camera every sub and bypassing the median filtering? I've seen that first article you posted before and the differences are pretty significant according to it! I might have to do a few of my own tests, however...
  12. So far it's been quite a struggle to get into the world of imaging, in part due to the Nikon D70 camera, although I am very grateful for it (on loan from a friend). One of the problems is the bulb setting; it can only be trigged using the IR remote, timing manually. So I've ordered one of these: DSUSB-IR1 to try to make life easier. (Should work with DSLRShutter). However, the camera also applies a median filter to any image taken over a certain shutter speed. The only way I know of around this is to enable in-camera dark frame subtraction then turn the camera off while it's taking the second frame. If I did this, it would essentially negate the advantage of the cable I've just ordered. So I guess my question is, how important is it to prevent the median filter? Am I losing all the faint stars etc? I don't suppose there's a way to bypass in an automated way? My other question: what would be a good imaging target on a short July night, assuming I'm limited to around 90s subs and the camera is unmodded? Cheers! Lewis
  13. Hi Fanck, nice image, it's nice to see unusual galaxies posted. You're a real imaging machine! PS: For some reason, you remind me of Dr Nick...
  14. I have one made out of paper, held on with a hairband Can't see any interference pattern through the camera so I have to take 8s exposures (*after* aligning mount/scope) to see the pattern, tweak, take another, tweak, etc, etc...
  15. But it won't bee *too* long before they will be able to. Also, NASA's proposed Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) mission would be able to detect earth-like planets and analyse them. Planet Quest: Missions - Terrestrial Planet Finder The current best habitable exoplanet candidate is Gilese 581 d (see my post here) This is one of my favourite subjects, I try to keep up to date on it
  16. What about this one? Back in 2005?
  17. Shibby

    TMB II 6mm

    Would this be a decent planetary eyepiece with a 130P? Or is that pushing my luck?
  18. Sorry if this has already been posted. Gilese 581 d (as I understand) is currently the best candidate for a habitable exoplanet. At least until Kepler has been observing for a bit longer and confirmed some of the 1000's of new candidates! Recently-ish more findings were made to support the possibility it could harbour liquid water. The planet is a "super-Earth" sized body receiving significantly less starlight than Earth but these new findings show there should be more than enough CO2 in the atmosphere to keep the planet warm and sustain the liquid water. [1005.5098] Is Gliese 581d habitable? Some constraints from radiative-convective climate modeling
  19. This might interest anyone looking to buy a Canon DSLR for astrophotography: DSLR Astro Mod ~ Order Now!
  20. A quick question. I bought a second-hand Vixen GP, which I'm very happy with but I don't have the polar scope. I've been taking the effort to drift align it but with the nights so short (and my ability so lacking) at the moment it just makes it impossible for me to achieve anything. Anyway, my question is: will any (e.g. Skywatcher) polar scope fit into my mount or do I have to get one of the extortionately priced (£140!?) Vixen ones? Also, what are there issues when aligning the polar scope to the mount or does it just pop in and you're ready to align?
  21. I'm using a Nikon d70, supposedly the noise levels are good with the CCD over the CMOS used in Canons (plz someone correct me if I'm wrong here). But the software and firmware is terrible; very difficult to work around the automatic median filtering (I usually don't bother), also the only way for 30s+ exposures is using an IR remote. The pain involved here makes it no surprise to me the Canons are more popular.
  22. Hi, I'm in the same boat as you, so while I might be able to answer some of this, I'd also be interested in finding out the rest of it! Correct - lower magnification barlow means wider FOV and less loss of light. I use a 2x. That's exactly what I do - I've effectively moved the barlow lens as close as I can to the sensor, I end up with a FOV of about 0.7degrees (130mm/600mm F5 scope). I can't get much wider or I wouldn't be able to bring the camera to focus. I'd also like to know what barlow would be best quality for imaging; I'm currently using the standard 2x that came with my Skywatcher scope, but don't know how this compares to other barlows.
  23. It is quite faint! It does look quite comet-y, was the tail facing generally away from the sun, I wonder...
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